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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GSJSWhLB4Q
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84q5uVEBDDg
  3. ...Well Revenge of the Sith did have this. So it's got that going for it.
  4. 241 downloads

    The Imperial Saboteur in Jedi Academy originally had a visor covering his face, which was removed very late into development. This mod just brings that visor back. It's not the best, but I guess it works alright? Bugs: - Whenever the saboteur goes invisible, his visor turns to a bright almost white color as he switches. I'm pretty sure this is because the visor is made with shaders, because if he's holding a weapon with a chrome shader over it for example, the same thing happens. - I couldn't figure out how to give the faceplate twosided culling or something, so the visor will appear invisible if you're viewing the saboteur from behind.
  5. (I'm definitely releasing this...Eventually...) Also, fun fact, apparently textures aren't involved with rendering the visor? At least, that's how I ended up getting it. Apparently it just refers to the solid black color in textures/common, and then renders a chrome effect over it. That's a bit annoying because I can't seem to get it to have backface culling because of that, but other than that I guess it's fine?
  6. I was gonna try making my own texture. But laziness forces me to use this now. (Though I think I will make some edits to it still, if you don't mind.)
  7. @@Lancelot The visor is transparent, though that is a bit difficult to see in the screenshot. I could try seeing if it's possible to make it more transparent though.
  8. Well, great news guys. I did a bit of messing around in Blender, and after a bit, this happened. (Sorry about the not too particularly well made screenshot) That's using Droidy365's texture on the visor. Does it look good, or would you guys prefer a slightly different look for the visor?
  9. Let me see if I can do the visor edit and export thing, I've imported/exported .glm models in Blender before. Edit: Okay, just exported the model with renamed visor parts, and it still doesn't show in ModView.
  10. Yep, that's it. I didn't even get the visor to show up in ModView when I tried it, so you at least got that to work.
  11. So somehow I came across this thread, which shows that the Saboteur was originally meant to have a visor, and this was removed at the last minute. So last minute in fact, that the faceplate is still on the model, and is referenced in the .skin file, and in my own (failed) attempt to bring the visor back myself, found it's even referenced in the players.shader file. The thread even mentions that it would be very easy to bring it back- simply make the image file and give it a shader. I tried that like I said, it didn't work out great for me. Though I also have no idea how shaders work, or generally anything that goes beyond a basic skin. https://thejawaclan.com/topic/40014-jedi-academy-did-you-know-1-saboteur-visor/ There's the thread I mentioned, and the last post was posted in 2015, so safe to say we're probably not gonna be getting a visor mod from there, I guess? If anyone with more skill than me, which is a lot of people actually, would like to try to add the visor to the Saboteur, I think that would be great.
  12. I just tried it with a clean base folder, and that didn't work either. I'm using base JA SP. (I'm also using Steam, if that means anything.)
  13. Looks like a cool mod, but I can't seem to get the menu working. I activated cheats and binded "uimenu emotemenu" to a key like you said, and instead of the menu popping up, I got a message saying that the menu couldn't be found. WARNING: Menus_ActivateByName: Unable to find menu 'emotemenu' Anyway idea what I'm doing wrong?
  14. I have to say, the new lighting makes this map look absolutely fantastic. I love a good cyberpunk aesthetic in a city, which makes this all the better for me. A lot better than the default Coruscant, for sure.
  15. Okay, this pack is pretty cool. I'm really happy to see Grand Moff Tarkin here, and Krennic looks nice as well. Nice work!
  16. Those are really good...I like the new outfits, they're definitely more fitting for Force Awakens's look.
  17. Bala-Tik is looking really good, although the face could use some work. A tiny bit older, more of a frown on his face, and more of the stubble. And the Guavian member is looking good too, with a bit more detail in the suit and helmet, it should look good. Nice work on this!
  18. Looked through some of this, the mod looks pretty good so far! Though I have to say, I do think that General Hux would be a better replacement for Rax Joris, rather than Lannick Racto. Racto very much comes off as a gangster, at least to me, which isn't quite fitting for Hux's personality. (From what we've seen in the film, anyway.) Rax's personality isn't spot on either, but it's at least a bit more...Imperial? If you are getting new voice actors though, perhaps you could record new lines for Rax to more closely match Hux's personality. Just a suggestion. Edit: As for what to do with Racto, you could potentially use this guy? And replacing the human mercs with the Guavian Death Gang would probably be a good idea as well.
  19. 611 downloads

    This is a reskin of the rebel soldier, meant to make them look a bit more militaristic and well equipped. I mean, I'm pretty sure these guys are supposed to be dominant over the Imperial Remnant at this point, yet they're running around with the same outfits they had back in the small rebellion days. I guess it doesn't matter really because if I remember correctly, the rebels never appeared in Jedi Academy's main story...But they are in the multiplayer. So there's that. Speaking of multiplayer, I made some team skins for this too, so that's good. I even went the extra centimeter to make some custom icons for them. So there's a new rebel reskin for you guys. Have fun, I guess.
  20. 98 downloads

    Somehow I came across this beautiful piece of music from a game named "Total Distortion". After hearing it, I thought, "Hey, I should totally replace the death music in Jedi Academy with this." Don't ask why. But I did. So yes, there you go. Nice new death music. Unlike the original death music, which is pretty short, this song goes on for a little while...So it won't stop playing until either the song ends, or you load up a new map/restart the mission. I mention this because it's not a glitch, it's intentional and I found it funny that way. Have fun with this abomination, I guess.
  21. 360 downloads

    Like the Tie Pilots, I felt the Imperial Worker's textures weren't that great, so, again, I added in some more detail. This time I went with a sort of rubber texturing, like that of a hazmat suit. I also added some semi-transparent splatters throughout the suit to make it look a little dirtier. Though I didn't stop at extra details, I had to make some design changes too! The suit is now orange rather than the yellow-ish color it was before, and I've also added some text on the suit, an atomic symbol on the back, and a Galactic Empire logo on the ear piece of the helmet. Those last three I thought made the suit look more industrial, I guess. No clue why I went with an orange color though. So yes, there's another Imperial reskin for detail. Have fun with it, I guess.
  22. Thanks! Have you ever looked at the Clone Wars Stances and Effects? There's a new pistol stance there that looks good.
  23. 465 downloads

    I felt that the Tie Pilots had a pretty bad texture job. The suit itself has no real texture and it's very flat. Really, the same can be said for every texture. The helmet looks okay because of the chrome shader applied to it, but everything else doesn't look that great. So I decided to go through and add some nice texturing to the suit. I added a cloth pattern over the bodysuit, and changed around the life support textures a bit, and changed a few other things as well. All together, I felt it made for a nice replacement to the tie pilots.
  24. I think he means that the green bolts aren't like the original films. Though some color variance in the bolts would be nice, which is why the green never bothered me too much, in all honesty. It was more the silver coloring of the gun that bothered me...
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