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  1. Hi all, so I was curious about if you can set a respawn timer in team deathmatch (either using a mod or vanilla). Is that somehow managable? Regards :-)!
  2. Exactly! Never knew that name but that's what i'm looking for. Is there such a mod?
  3. Hmm... unfortunatly that's not what i'm looking for as i feel much more comfortable with basejk (or at least openjk)...I never really got into MB2 and especially on Lanparty we already have CS :-( But anyways thank you for your reply :-)
  4. Hey guys! I really loves jedi academy since its release more than ten years ago. During that time i enjoyed many amazing maps and lan parties with my friends... But now, after such a long time period i feel kind of bored because of the available game modes... My lan-party-friends are no match for me anymore. Long story short: I don't see any reason why there's no Last Man standing Gamemode until today. I searched the whole internet and all possible clan and lugor and whatever mods but didn't get a clue at all. Basicly it shouldn't be that hard to code, i mean it's like a mix of duel (in terms of scoring) and FFA without respawns. Unfortunatly i'm not into coding but if it's only some script editing etc i could easily handle that. Is there someone who feels the same way i do about this or - even better - someone who could help me out? Greetings!
  5. hey guys! Unfortunatly i got problems with the installation. So as mentioned the rend2 doesn't work with the newest OpenJK release. But when using an older release it's starting up but i don't see any improvements except a bit hdr/bloom. Where am i wrong? Do i need to activate sth somewhere? (Of course i typed cl_renderer in console) greetz!
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