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  1. Turns out forcing AA through nvidia was doing itthe option: 'Antialiasing - Transparency' set to Supersampling will cause this however Multisample mode is fine.
  2. Fresh install of the game, fresh install of openjk and weirdly textures blur at certain camera angles, i tried a texture overhaul mod same issue, tried forcing texture filtering through nvidia and disabling the ingame AF to no avail. see here: https://gfycat.com/ShockingAgedAnhinga notice its fine viewing top down but soon as you lower the camera the textures double and blur out. Running the regular JK instead of OpenJK is fine but I'm curious what could be causing this. specs: W10 64bit, ryzen 1700, gtx 1060, 16gb ddr3 @3000mhz, B350M Mortar arctic mobo, WD blue 250gb SSD, running the game off of 1tb WD black 7200rpm
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