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  1. Like it, but it also changes the sky/mountains for the "prison" level (where you are captured and have to recover your lightsaber).

    Yeah, I tried explaining that to @eezstreet, during the development of this mod. But I couldn't find a way or know how to fix that problem..

    SWTOR Movie blades

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    I have never played TOR but the blue is a little "too pale" for my taste. But that's a matter of personal taste, Excellent job!!!

    The blue lightsaber that you see in the mod, is supposed to be that colour. All saber colours and blades in the mod are derived from The Old Republic cinematic videos. This is the whole point of the mod.

    SWTOR Movie blades

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    These are just how I'd imagine proper lightsaber blades to be. They have that fierce, but crisp look to them. Great work!

    I don't know if they have already, but if you're any good with sounds, you could always try and replicate the sounds from that SWTOR clip, to really finish it off (Unless, of course they're included already).

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