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This is a very tiny mod. What it does is simply change the mission info screens to refer to the first mission (the Tatooine mercenaries one) as if it takes place in Jakku instead of Tatooine.

References to Tatooine and Mos Eisley were changed for that mission in the text. Also 2 voice lines referring to Tatooine/Mos Eisley were edited so they don't say it.

There's an extra planet circle in the galaxy screen and the planet photo is different too but I didn't animate it, sorry.


I thought this made sense since the Millenium Falcon is parked there (this could be when Han loses it?) and since Jakku and Tatooine look exactly the same, let's be honest.


I haven't changed anything in the map, the NPCs or the mission itself, maybe I will in a future release.

Let me know if there's some glitch with it.


EDIT: Added an alternative pk3 which makes it replace Blenjeel instead.


What's New in Version 1.2


  • 1.2 - Included an extra pk3 that you can choose if you want to replace the name of Blenjeel instead.

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The idea itself is great. But actually, it would make more sense to replace the name of the planet Blenjeel, the mission with the sand creature, because the planet is more similar to Jakku than to Tatooine.

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When will more screenshots of Tfa mod be released?

Now i'm working on HD textures (for maps and for jaden as well,pictures coming soon,be patient :) )

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Could you do another version of this and change the name of Blenjeel, instead of Tatooine? As many people have said; it does make more sense.

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Could you do another version of this and change the name of Blenjeel, instead of Tatooine? As many people have said; it does make more sense.

I honestly thought that this was what that mod was for.


Guess not.

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Agreed, Blenjeel would have been a better choice. The level you changed is Mos Eisley, and it definitely looks like it. Jakku and Tatooine are both desert planets, but they wouldn't have the same architecture. :P also, Niima outpost is supposedly the biggest settlement on Jakku. So a city the size of Mos Eisley probably doesn't even exist on Jakku.


That's just being picky though, the idea for this mod is actually really clever. Nice job.

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Thanks! You guys are right, Blenjeel really seems like a much better choice now. Also iirc the Blenjeel level had its own unique sky textures so maybe they can be changed to show the skyline of Jakku with crashed ships and stuff. Besides the whole being alone in a desert thing.

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Okay I added a new version that includes an extra PK3 that you can use instead of the original to replace the name of Blenjeel. I made a holographic animation for the planet but it doesn't spin like the default ones. The planet level itself is still unchanged though so it still looks like Blenjeel.

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