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  1. I was wondering if someone would do this. I've even been running around with an orange pauldron to get the whole "stofficer" feel going in Battlefront. Now I can have the best of both worlds. Instant D/L
  2. The arm on the training outfit seems a little large and off-color from the rest of the skin, but the face has a fantastic likeness to Sam. Awesome work. EDIT: Now that I look at it again, the head's skin tone actually doesn't match up with the skin tone shown in the rest of the outfits. But again, it doesn't detract too much from the overall thing. Just something to look into should you ever do a V2.
  3. This can kind of be an alternate universe Light Side Anakin...cool stuff.
  4. @@dark_apprentice Thanks a lot, that worked out for me.
  5. Left a comment on the actual file page about this, but Vader's cape is completely transparent when viewing him from the front in-game. Any way to fix this?
  6. Anyone have the pack that fixes the HS Obi-Wan's sounds? Or have a fixed version ready to download?
  7. Dem Soul Calibur voices. I always thought hearing Vader so intense in that game was a bit weird, but it grew on me as years went by.
  8. If this ever took off, this would be very interesting to see. Plus I'd think he'd love to see himself in a Star Wars game, officially added in or not.
  9. That Merc War V2 Map works if you pretend it's Jakku. Still would want a map dedicated to actually being Jakku, though.
  10. I'm absolutely loving JK:E right now. Awesome stuff. Just have one question though- I was editing an NPC file for Kylo Ren and I wanted to give him the stasis ability. Tried adding the line "FP_STASIS 3" in the section where the force powers show up, but when I would switch to him through the playermodel command, he didn't have the stasis power. Did I put the wrong thing down to add stasis? Or something wrong? Edit: Alright, turns out I wasn't editing the right NPC file. I was just editing the one outside of the ext_data folder. Stupid mistake. I do still have a question about that power- Do NPCs not want to use that power? I noticed Kylo did not once try to use the stasis ability. Would've been interesting to fight against an opponent that could actually stop movement for a short while.
  11. Well that's disappointing. At least we know now it was attempted at some point.
  12. I get what's being asked here. The TFU Luke is modeled after his appearance in ROTJ. Toshi's model is also based on ROTJ Luke. However, Toshi's Luke was modeled after Luke in the movies, and although the request is technically still ROTJ Luke, this version would be one based off of how he was interpreted in TFU. In other words, Kylo is requesting that someone make another Luke but instead of using ROTJ as a reference, the modeler would use the TFU player model as a reference instead. Maybe even port it or something, but I know that can't really be endorsed too heavily here. Dunno if there actually was any lack of clarity as to what was being requested or not, but if there was I hope that clears it up. Not to mention I'd wanna see this Luke in JKA myself.
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