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    Definitely looks better than the original. The SWTOR Trandoshans are great to use in this case. You made the model look a bit more realistic. Nice work.


    For people thinking it looks weird, compare to a picture of Bossk:







    I think some people see good looking Trandoshans and are so used to JKA's weird looking one that they think the accurate ones look weird. :P

    To be honest, I think this looks more closer to Bossk http://www.moddb.com/company/jedi-knight-jedi-academy-modders/addons/improved-trandoshan-head

  1. Dude this is amazing, If only there was a Kylo Ren skin that looked just as good! 10/10 man!

    there is, but for the movie battles 2 mod. I think this rey model is also in that mod too. i wonder if the modeler is working on putting the kylo ren model for regular jedi academy

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