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    I like things and people that don't bore me.

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  1. Kind of need this and can't get it: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Rcon_SE;36437
  2. "Es ist nicht schön?" Guess who said that and win a cookie.

    1. MUG
    2. Nihilus


      You wish it were that easy. I yyped it, though, I didn't say it ;)

    3. Nihilus


      typed* >.>


  3. I just had a talk with Caelum and we made an interesting discovery. MUG... YOU'RE FROM THE FILIPPINES!

  4. Since i didn't know what to do about my kind of broken computer, I went to caelum. Found out it was more than kind of broken and I fixed it, thanks to him. CAELUM! <3

    1. MUG
    2. therfiles


      Nice job Caelum!

    3. Nihilus


      Have to tell you, though. This PC... ancient alien.

  5. That won't work. You have to type in full CAPS LOCK to get their attention.
  6. Out-of-the-box, for sure... Hi, welcome to JKHub.
  7. Never mention Xulin again. xD Welcome to the Hub of JK.
  8. Admit it, MUG, you're just too lazy to scroll.
  9. There is a weakness in strengthening your knowing.

  10. JKHub ist ein Traum.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nihilus


      Is lederhosen leather trousers? And let me correct myself, a baloon*


    3. afi



    4. Nihilus


      Your pseudo-German makes m think there's another Caelum in you.

  11. This may seem picky, but that 9:00 GMT does not say if it's PM or AM xD
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