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  1. http://www.anonmgur....335cfa5a90d.bmp 4 years of reusing other peoples files and assets only to lock them down in your mod. Also why include readme's of other peoples work if you can't even open them let alone READ them? Modding community has always been open. Lot of people learned from trial and error and file tinkering but what do you have here in a matter of 4 years? You might want to setup a proper zip file that has all peoples readme's instead of promoting a mod like you guys did all the work. See why people like Hapslash stopped doing models, also nice job using his own stormtrooper model. Think I'll stick to waiting on jk2files for uploading regardless of it's website bugs. At least when people put files up they give credit where credit is due and don't spend 4 years locking down open source files. Also seeing how Sm0ke's readme is in there I'm curious on if you guys got the source but I get a feeling with how files are locked down you probably just decompiled the original map. Whether people are against porting or file altering isn't the point. Bottom line is, give credit where credit is due pcgamemods2.0
  2. Why would you wanna port over files from a game in 05? If your serious about using a more up to date game engine you would want learn how to use it then you would have the answer you seek.
  3. At least com_maxfps works for people with 64bit OS's on server motherboards like me.
  4. SJO? Oh sorry, that's so 07. It's UPS now. HI LODA!
  5. Think lot of the responses are what I imagined they were gonna be. Good to see positive mentality is still going. Break JK games to learn how it works and see if you can make it better or into something you love. Despite negative qualities each game has taken on to the general population(0-10, whose the best at base JA sabering, etc) I think theres still a LOT of potential. Think those senseless arguments one game in the series is better than another are, well, stupid. Along with those stupid arguments who has a bigger score(scarey and sad that even in Dark Forces 2 there is STILL people debating who was best gunner or saberist or forcer back in like 2000). If we didn't have Dark Forces 2 we wouldn't of had Jedi Academy or Jedi Outcast. We didn't have Jedi Outcast to build Jedi Academy off of we wouldn't of had new saber styles or less limitations(such as the entity limit in Jedi Outcast). Each game improved but in some way lost some things. I think Jedi Knight 1 had the best live action cutscenes. Jedi Outcast had a good blend between guns and sabers even with tweaking the quake 3 guns. While Jedi Academy kinda built the saber system more in a sense. I hope JK Hub in a sense reinvigorates the Jedi Knight in general. This calls for a song that fits Jedi Knight series perfectly. Now if only there was a Kyle model with an afro. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLO7tCdBVrA
  6. What keeps you around doing what you do in the Jedi Knight/Dark Forces series regardless of what game you prefer more so, and do what you do in and out of game?
  7. Even Mark Hamill likes this.
  8. Howard the Duck? On a more serious note lot of things change in time. Not always for the better. But be happy knowing the Jedi Knight series is in the hands of the players and not Lucas (though some files made by people question if it's in better hands, STOP MAKING BLACK REBORN RESKINS). That is all.
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