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  1. On 7/8/2020 at 9:23 PM, davidortilla said:


    ¿Consideraría agregar el sable de luz de Darth Caedus, así como algún modelo de la galaxia Edge Hilts en una próxima actualización? Adoro tu trabajo y que la fuerza te acompañe. Star Wars Galaxy´s Edge: Sables de luz


    Vista previa paso a paso de la experiencia de construcción de sables de luz que viene ...


    Darth Caedus Saber | Arm on Fire Custom Sabers in 2020 | Darth ...

    I have modelled all of the Galaxy's Edge parts for a Blade and Sorcery mod but I don't think I'm going to put them in JA because there isn't a way to customise your lightsaber in the base game which would mean I'd have to do a new lightsaber for every variant and there are just too many of them.


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  2. I've installed this mod correctly. the lightsabers show up in multiplayer and have the correct names. but I can't get the console commands to work for single player. when I enter the console command to change my lightsaber nothing happens.

    I think in SP you just have to enable cheats first (helpusobi 1) then type saber <saber_name> rather than saber1 or saber2. Also if you want two lightsabers type saber <saber_name1> <saber_name2>.

    Starkiller Base

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    One issue: The floors reflect the interiors and hallways, but not the player characters themselves. (Was this map feature only in JKO?)


    That aside, great work!

    It's because nothing is actually being reflected it's an old trick, try no clipping under the floor. There is a real reflection shader but it is really expensive to use and will just tank the frame rate.

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  3. I see you are releasing many good maps that were meant for mb2. I have not seen an update since dec 2012, so I don't know whats going on. I wanna know about that Cloud City map, and I think you should release it, since I heard from someone that it was really close to being finished, and that was a year ago.


    CC isn't my map, these maps were originally meant for MGMV3 which will be released when the next version of MB2 comes out. I just wanted to put a couple of them out in Base JKA as well.

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