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Realtime Lighting Editor

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The GL2 renderer (rend2) will use realtime lighting as an option in addition to lightmaps. Which of course means that you can preview your lights and get the mood just right, unlike in Radiant.

There will be an ingame lighting editor which you can use to add, remove, and adjust lights on your level. These lights will get saved to a .rtl file with the same name as the map (t2_trip.rtl for instance). A .rtl will get automatically generated at level start if one does not exist, based on a special "realtime_light" entity (which gets discarded after map load, so it doesn't affect the entity limit).


No screenshots of this yet, just code, which I need @@SomaZ to assist me in finishing.

I've got the code written, except for the saving and loading. Just the basic console commands for right now.



It's currently set up like a gamecode file - you'll want it to probably live on the client.

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