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She's briefly seen running away after being freed, at the beginning of Level 20 - BOC - The Crude. Aside from that she appears in the MP character selection screen.







The JKE mod uses the model from Jedi Outcast.

Besides wouldn't you want the satisfaction of having a proper Jan Ors? ;)

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In game cut scenes would be nice but would add more to the heaping pile of work we've got and as cheesy as they are the nostalgia is always great.


We'd have to find some way to edit out the sounds and music to get the voice lines from the movies or find some VERY convincing voice actors.

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We're talking about DF2, I don't think she shows anywhere in single player. I feel like using the JA model as a stand in is fine for now, the only reason why I'd say to make something new is to take advantage of Rend2 but I'd say shes close to if not at the bottom of the list of priority characters.

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