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Gorc Animation Set

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It's probably just hard to see the toes bending much from this angle.

It'd be better if you'd add a static plane mesh underneath his feet, and rotate the model. It'll at least add a frame of reference. 


Right now it just looks like he's perpetually walking on the forum.

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I'm not sure really, they normally just stand over you and look down but I bet something could be done. I think it's just the angle you're looking at, if you saw it straight on you'd see that his hips tilt up with the leg he's lifting as well as centering his weight over the foot that is one the ground for balance.


I act out the animations before I make them to try to get them looking as realistic as possible with all the little movements. I had to come up with a very different crouch walk as opposed to the base animation given how bulky this character is which is why I'm very convinced retargeting wont look good at all.

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Gorcs core seems very stiff during your walk cycles, a slight rotation during each step might fix that.

EDIT: I also jsut noticed, that you did not weight the cloth flaps to individual bones, why not do that when you're allready making a custom rig and animations?

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What do you mean? Rotation in the hips? At full stride the hips should twist in the opposite direction of the torso but the way you word it makes it sound like they should twist in the same direction when my hips don't do that.


Yes, I act out my animations before and as I'm making them LOL.

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Good cause I have a pretty good victory animation in mind, it could probably even double as a taunt but I'll try to think of something a little different for a taunt.


Haven't done anything lately, been updating my rig for the _humanoid since I've had some interest in it and have found various ways to improve it by some of the things I learned making a rig for Gorc.

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@@AshuraDX From certain POV's certain things can look not right especially with the scene camera's FOV setting which I may have to mess with.


It makes me look at how we're limiting how we're showing content, dotXSI is going away along with Softimage. It'd be nice if we could get a new carcass to support the more widely used FBX format which was made to be like dotXSI but for Alias Maya before Autodesk bought it. They have a really nice model viewer for free that's way better than the old XSI Viewer.


I kinda wanna send the model out with some of the sequences to have you take a real look at it.

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@@minilogoguy18 - .FBX originates from Kaydara's Filmbox (FBX) software. Kaydara was acquired by Alias in 2004 and then Autodesk acquired Alias in 2006. The Filmbox software was for recording data from motion capture. It was renamed to Motionbuilder in 2002.


We have dotXSI 3.0 exporters for 3ds Max 6 to Max2017. I also uploaded a free XSI model/animation viewer here:




So this community can share and view XSI files without any problems.


I also have archives of Maya dotXSI 3.0 exporter/python code... which I believe could be updated for newer versions of Maya... (which is not a priority for me as a 3da Max user)... though I would like to see more Maya modellers in the community.


The Crosswalk SDK died with Softimage in 2015... but I got lucky and it successfully compiled the exporters for 3ds Max 2017. Should it fail to work for Max 2018 then maybe I will attempt to pick up where @@Xycaleth left off with his FBX converter. But this is not a priority for me or anyone now... as XSI should work fine for at least a couple more years... or indefinitely if people don't upgrade beyond Max2017.


Check out the XSI Viewer... (for your test scenes you'll need to export your scene lights for it to be lit properly in the Viewer. I don't export lights with the 3ds Max exporters but the viewer tool allows you to merge in more XSI files... so I just merge in a lights-only file).


The FBX2013 model converter/viewer is also dead and not being updated.

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I've seen 1 person recently using Maya, if I were forced to migrate to another software that would probably be it since it received a lot of ported stuff from Softimage but the interface is a total disaster that requires immediate user revision before even using it. I like to learn hotkeys and do away with all the toolbars to leave more room for ortho/3d views on screen. If that day comes hopefully there will be dotXSI export, if not I'm sure there would be some FBX->dotXSI workaround.

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