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Gorc Animation Set

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So I've discovered a use of UE4 for DF2 Mod - re-targeting animations to another skeleton. There would be animations we would want to redo though like stances, perhaps a walk, etc. Thoughts?

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Well the thing is that retargeting wouldn't look good IMO, he's a large alien, a postured humanoid walk would look odd. He needs lumbering, heavy movements. For the swings they're all 1 handed where he throws his weight around.


He isn't a saberist, he's a monster with a light saber, I was animating him to be more the latter.

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Chiseling away at these swings, temporarily a lot of the swings will work played in reverse as their opposing swing but that'll just be for initial game testing. Also need to take more time to figure out if there are more movements needed than the initial list that was given to me by @@DT85, I guess we'll know when the character starts floating around in the root pose from missing a sequence.


The shoulder pads and sashes will eventually have bones that I'll try to do some stuff similar to the cloth sim experiments done back in the day unless we get some better physics going.

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More work on this, I stopped for a min to help @@Archangel35757 with a plugin for MD3 support, each time I do a swing I also take care of the transition from and back to the idle stance so it knocks out 3 sequences at once. I feel like right now I'm going to get some decent but probably not perfect sequences down at first and tweaking will come after I see how they play in game. The transitions between swings should be easy even though there are more of those than anything since I can just take the start and end of each sequence, interpolate a few frames between and make some adjustments, they should be quick to make.


Right now 3 more sequences are about to be added to the mixer>animations>sources list. Should be able to get 3 more a day at this rate.

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