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JKHub Header area suggestion.

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It's been bugging me, that whenever I load a new page of the forum, I have to scroll down a fair way to actually see more than the beginning of the content. In fact, I cant even see the bottom of the box I am typing this topic on without scrolling down...


So I took a look at this:


and realised it was 90% wasted space.


I propose this:


Other than the logo being hastely slapped on, (im sure someone could apply it in that area in a better way in 30 seconds) I see literally no downside.


Just thought I would put this here for your consideration/comment.


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You're destroying the whole artistic concept of this page :|

But seriously, I think this should be an optional thing selectable in teh options


Maybe I'm destroying it a little <.< >.> . But other than my really crappy logo pasting, I actually think it looks better xD


As for it being optional, that means Cael has to maintain another theme. Which I doubt he will bother doing.

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What this man says. As an artist, I am both shocked and appalled at your sense of style, @@MUG.



But in all seriousness, I'm not overjoyed with it, as it looks fairly awful in my humble opinion, and would be a major change. I could make it an optional theme at some point if I find myself magically having lots of time to kill, but until then...


Well sir. To be fair, style was not my main objective when I was hacking the website to bits in the gimp. If you can think of an alternate way of removing some of the header length that doesn't offend your "artistic tastes" (<.<), I would be overjoyed. I basically just did everything I could think of to remove blank space there.


In the name of science I have created a couple more concepts that less brutally rape your style, and don't look awful =P:





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Hm, honestly I don't like it at all.

I see where you're coming from, MUG, and I do kind of agree with you, however..

By doing what you're doing, or adjusting the height of the forum at all, would make that entire area feel too cluttered.

As an artist, clutter is the last thing you really want, and for a website clutter really turns people off...so changing that to what you propose would do far more damage.


I mean, I also don't understand...either way you're going to have to scroll down to see the entire forum, what's wrong with scrolling down one more mouse-wheel turn?

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