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{JoF} - Jedi of Freedom

Aldro Koon

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Some dev update on the master legacy tree (the art not added yet):


Currently the working profile card looks something like this (not final layout nor design):




Now there also comes the question of how are we going to update this tree - add new people essentially. Since now the amount of information displayed is gonna be quite a lot, we are simply gonna let you to create your profile.
Upon being promoted to a master rank, you are going to get a link with a pre-prepared profile (name etc will be already filled out so you can't create someone else's profile or be assigned to someone else). You'll then only fill out the rest, especially the profile picture, bio and the achievments + anything else that might be added. Upon submitting your profile one of the appointed "moderators" will verify that everything is alright and confirms the profile creation. You'll be now part of the legacy tree.

Editing the profile such as a new profile pics, new awards etc. will be done by you aswell, you'll request a link to edit your profile, do the necessary changes, someone will verify, done, same thing as profile creation.

That's all for today!


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New dev diary update!


I thought it would be a good time to share some more graphics with you guys now that the graphics for the first release are pretty much done. I've gone through like a thousand different variations on all of the objects and re-started a couple of times as is usual to happen with projects like this biggrin.png.5d18e1a181b3b9b141967bebbf30 In the end I chose to go with a sci-fi look that would be elegant and tasteful in it's simplicity. 

Every rank's node and ID-card has a different look and today I'm gonna show you the first one. Which is also the first one I designed.


First off is the node for which I made a gif to demonstrate how it looks like in it's normal state and with hover effect applied. I went for kind of a metallic look for them while still keeping the overall feel digital. For now the hover effect is just on-off but I'm planning on making it more dynamic in a later release.


And here's the ID-card with both tabs showing. It is likely that there will be more tabs in the future but for now this is how it's gonna be. All the avatar pictures will eventually be made to fit the member's personality and the avatar backgrounds will have a few different options to choose from so everyone can pick the one they like the most. These won't be in the first release though. I have almost finished creating the avatars for everyone and I've done my best to make most of them different from each other and when possible, fitting to the member's personality. Later on I'm planning on taking wishes and suggestions from members on what kind of a pose etc. they want their avatar to be in. Unfortunately I won't be able to do everything suggested nor take pictures taken by members so that I can keep the quality of the avatars as close to eachother as possible. The main thought being that the ID-card would be as personal and pleasing to the member as possible!

- Fuzzy

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{JoF}2017 Trailer - "This is JoF" by HaVoC:



Episode 4! Quite awesome :)




Just had to share this lol, getting closer to the annual {JoF}Awards and our member Phantom made a statue to go with it:





Aaand we've launched our legacy!




The continuation released back in October :)


Happy new year!



Seriously, the effort you put into this community, is somethings earned respect. Everything looks great and amazing. I wish you all the best for the future!

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Thank you for the kind words, all the best to you too guys ;)


Question: Do you have to be a member to play on the server? Sorry, I'm new to this sort of thing with clans :D

(I'm mostly here because someone advertised your clan on my YT channel :))


You don't need to be a member to play on the server :sun:

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The {JoF}Awards 2018 were just held!






Brief acceptance speech from the two members of the year =>




I am running out of things to say as you can see ;D
There's only so much fuel in this spirit still
But there's one thing that keeps coming up and it's called...
Faith in the foundations of the Order
Faith in our Leaders, Faith in the belief that things can always turn to be better
Faith in our members
There are times that have tested this merit you all see
But faith in JoF
Has kept me going, and I want it to still do so, for now and the time to come
Thank you




well first of all, i didnt expect to get any awards at all
so this comes unexpected
but JoF defines what i do, i wouldnt dp this for any other clan
jof is special to me like a family of some sort
<-- pretty bad a speeches.
well i would like to thank you all and keep up your work so i can keep up mine to pleasure you alöl
with some services
thamks everyone




And the ceremonial map Zefilus is working on for next year (textures, images and such still not final) =>



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