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The Lego sets confirm much of the earlier rumours, including the one about the new Walkers – this is the one, which is the most uninteresting, IMHO.


As for Snoke, it was also said, that unlike previous films, the villain wouldn't be like the Sith in the films, wearing all dark.


Snoke would appear in greater role in TLJ, but it was stated, that there wouldn't be much revealed about his story in this Episode. However we'll be seeing his Super Star Destroyer (Lego set depicts it), which serves as his moving HQ with a hall, with rich details and furniture, while Snoke himself would wear sort of Gold kimono with ornaments. The Lego figure suggests Snoke isn't that tall, as some people claimed. I mean, he isn't 3 meters, which was suggested as his height.


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I hope that VIII won't be bad as VII, at least for me.

Don't get me wrong, Ep. VII was excellent if you focus on CGI, effect and similar stuff.


Story? Complete ripoff of the original trilogy.


I've watched it in Cinema....than home.....only once.



Few days ago I've watched Original trilogy (Unaltered Editions).

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The new trailer is far better than wahat was shown 5 months ago. It also brings in a few plot questions already (the most obvious being Rey's affiliation in the future, already discussed everywhere). Not sture what exactly drives more of my attention here, be it the words of Luke, certain scenes from flashbacks or Kylo's strange struggle against his past (with destroying his mask?)


They left out the candy planet of Canto Bight, as well as the two new characters (fair enough), but aside from the new AT-M6 walkers you can clearly see the original AT-ATs, as well as modified AT-STs, as seen in one of the scenes.


Aside from the trailer, Mark Hamill said, that Episode VIII won't be the last for Leia. I wonder what that would mean, given, that she might be killed or badly injured in The Last Jedi.

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