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Makermod v1.3


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So, apparently there has been MakerMod 1.3 released in 2010, and for god's sake I can't find it anywhere. I'm still running on version 1.0 and would like to move up


Could someone possibly give me a link to a download or something? Unless I was fooled into 1.3's existence :o


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My name was spoken, and thus I am summoned =p


I have been meaning to upload (whatever version I had last given out) here on JKHub, so I've done exactly that right now.

So whenever that goes through the approval process, you'll be able to download the latest server and client for makermod from here.

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I guess we'll say they're gone for good. I still have a backup of it somewhere, but they weren't really active enough to warrant having it up.

Having a section here on JKHub is plenty ^^


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


(Also, omg Petzi is still around)

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From the Makermod welcome text:



------------------------Welcome to MakerMod------------------------

This mod protects against poking (a saber exploit), lets people

build on the map and makes cheat servers safer.


Toast wrote it to celebrate our ability to learn to make things

that improve our lives and the life of the species as a whole.

Scooper has taken over coding for the mod, but continues with

the same goals in mind as the original creator.



That kind of sums it up. You should just find a makermod server and try it out.

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