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  1. I just searched through the repository and found: CLASS_MORGANKATARN has WP_NONE, cannot surrender CLASS_MURJJ has cannot surrender, no attack delay, and (I think) doesn't leave behind a footstep in JKA Edit: Also, there's this, which is probably a more reliable source than I am https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/10142-npc-classes-and-their-descriptions/
  2. The model reborn_new is just a variable (attribute) your character has. Similarly, the non-player character 'reborn_new' has a model that also happens to be named 'reborn_new'. Changing your character's model variable will not change your health or shield variable.
  3. @@eezstreet should set my time to ~4pm through 6am. Before noon is just cruel.
  4. Your General Location (for ping/timezone) -Great Lakes (EST/GMT-5? timezone standards are horrible) What times work best for you (on your timezone) -I'm nocturnal so any time not early morning What platform you use (Windows, Linux or Mac; optional) -Windows How many people you want to bring along with you (optional) -My cat? Whether or not you can record video (optional) -I can
  5. Also, switch to mobile based on display size and change with window size. Wait don't do that, that requires a ridiculous amount of hacks to work with high resolution mobile devices with a variety of OS versions. And Internet goddamn Exploder.
  6. Anyone else pick up an old game like Star Wars Obi Wan and lose that rosy nostalgia from childhood? I just tried playing it and could only handle 20 minutes. The saber combat, while interesting, is just... bad. Or maybe that's the camera action I had trouble with. Plus the game is an eyesore from the original xbox era. Good news is that I had a lot of fun with it as a child so it's still a winning game in my book.
  7. Let's say a UE4 game is made with blade dueling mechanics and acrobatics similar to way JK does it... what's to stop somebody from making a star wars mod? It'd be a totally unrelated enterprise so it'd sidestep the legal issues as far as the game goes, then star wars fans can have a star wars skin on it Let's just hope their lawyers don't find this post
  8. @eezstreet not recognizing trololol account named "WHYY"
  9. Hi all! I'm renting a pretty beefy server for web hosting which has resulted in me having some extra room... around 12/16 of the capacity is unused. Could I put that extra capacity to use for the JK community?
  10. I recommend waiting for the RX 480 to come out - starting price $249. If you can't wait, hit up http://gpushack.com for a cheap refurb. That being said, I'm pretty sure any modern CPU's integrated graphics should be good enough for JKA.
  11. The Warzone link is borked
  12. Michigan, USA. Currently residing in the UP - it's only been a year but I have already started to develop the accent. I went from "oh yeah, out and about in a boat" to "ooh yah, oot and aboot in ah boot"
  13. I was referring to one person in the plural. I promise.
  14. So, what could be done with more money?
  15. It is amazing what one man was able to do with this, though.
  16. Would be nice for a "last updated" date/time to be included
  17. Is phpBB any good these days? I haven't with it in... 8? years Also, is that progress bar on the original post updated as donations come in?
  18. Scripting would make contribution much easier. I have a hard time getting into C/C++ but I can handle Javascript or LUA (mostly Javascript). Scripting options for: Bots/NPCs, Entities, and Objectives/Scores/Server Console Commands. From there, a larger "gateway" server would be nice. Something to show how many players are online, excluding bots, that you can use to walk through a portal to another server for gameplay and also as a hub for chat and simple dueling. Someone find Robophred and drag him out of retirement. Lugormod has some features that made gameplay fun when I was still active. Also, here's a terribad idea: crowdsource donations to modders as bounties for developing a content for our great gaming clickbait?
  19. I would say building new missions would come first. A new tier of missions and an 'academy' hub would be a good start. After that modifying the original story arc and characters would be a reasonable goal.
  20. If the mod implements a makermod/lugormod style ingame building system I'd be happy to help build map interactivity.
  21. Only if it turns out to be something other than a battlefield clone with some star wars lore sprinkled on.
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