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Level 6a: Barons Hed

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So this has been the first time i have opened up and got back into GTKRadiant in a while. The main problem is, is my knowledge or lack of what/where the textures are. Like i need to know where the water textures are, i found a few. But they are meh.

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Though I like what I see, I wouldn't recommend using the same texture applied to all the brushes in the map, even it is the very-very preview of Barons Hed. Without lights it looks too dull. I played Dark Forces 2 several times (if not dozens), so I know this level pretty good. So yes, I recognized the rooms, small hatches, and the river canal.


However for other people this might be not that obvious. I would recommend making at least some minor changes to the textures for now, for instance let the wall be that dark grey (for now), try Shift+Ctrl and click on one the sides (e.g. the floor), and apply some sandy or brown textures to it. This will have a much better effect, and it'll be much easier to distinguish the rooms and corridors. But I guess that is forthcoming. =) I will be looking forward to seeing this map complete.

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The textures are only placeholder, and no lighting yet. I havent even finished 1 quarter of the map. Texturing and lighting are the last 2 things i do in a level, after i finish it. It helps with being sure the architecture and what not is really high quality, and i can focus on the map itself.


But thank you man, glad you look forward to it, and dont worry the lighting and textures will be a lot better. Though we do have some of the textures that the other mod team used in there DF2 mod. I think that a lot of them just dont look good in this engine, so im lost at what textures i will use. I just cant seem to find any fitting textures. I wish there was like some sort of reference sheet that had a picture of every texture in the game and what directory they are in so i can find some nice ones.

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The process of texturing the levels, so that they looked as in the original game, but fresher, newer, up to date, is complicated. But you might like to use some basic rules, that you pick the main color(s) from the original texture (for instance olive from stone and grey-browny from metallic part of the picture) and re-create the texture from scratch, applying the colors on it correspondingly. Also the textures in JK DF2 were of a little size, like 128x128. With JA having lived up to this day, the textures of 256x256 (originally used in JO and JA) might not be enough, though not always. In our mod we have sometimes textures of 1024x1024 and 1024x2048 dimension for better quality.

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This what I did for texures. While I used alot of the recreated textures, I also used the ones from JO and JA. Now assuming you have storage space, external, two HDs etc. I pulled all the textures from both games and placed them in a folder so I could look through them and see if there was anything that I could use. That way you know which texture set to load up.

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So here is all the work i have gotten done, almost to the start of the little town/city area. Still have to finish the canals a little more. Also remember that the TEXTURES are only PLACEHOLDER and do NOT in anyway show how the final product will be. (Also i did notice the minor brush error in the inner canal area where the sky was seeable)




Also what do you think about the last room i show off, i changed it to be more open and so less cramped like in DF2. Should i keep it the same but make it seem less larger, or should i emulate the original even more.

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So this morning i have gotten all the way up to the beginning of the little city area when you get out of the tunnel. Just need to finish the secret little tunnels in the water near the end of the tunnel. 


First off i was just thinking about what should i do with the Max reference? Should we put this in the mod? My main concern is that, can we get in trouble using Max? Cause we dont own rights to that stuff and all.


Secondly while i consider myself an above average mapper, i have never actually messed around too much with scripts and shaders. Like i need some help on how to spawn only with the certain weapons. Which if i remember correctly its the Lightsaber(Green), Pistol, E11, Thermals, and the Bowcaster? not sure right now, im gonna fire up DF2 later today and see what weapons you have up till that point. So yeah i need some help with that simple stuff.

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