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Incinerator Trooper

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All right, update time! I have taken Ashura's advice and stuck with opacity ratings between 90% and 100% The result so far has been quite pleasing. I believe I have taken care of all the upper torso items. I may come back and make a thiner chest symbol but we'll see how it goes. Anyway, I have also added the pauldron for the Incinerator Trooper. Increasing the contrast and brightness of the spec image (a black pauldron texture) I was able to make a white pauldron and turn it into an accurate pauldron texture and color.


One thing I noticed is that the TFU model has different arm models so I had to "adapt" what I saw on that model with DT's one. I think it works quite well. It is a little complex to explain what exactly I did but, if you look at reference shots of the Incinerator, you'll likely see what I mean.


Now, without further delay, here is an image of the current look:


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I don't like your tone whenever you post anything related to me, so just stop talking to or about me, thank you.



There are literally dozens of storm trooper reskins out there, not done by you. I wasn't addressing you, or even thinking about you when I made my post. Get over yourself and stop derailing this thread.

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Fantastic work on the model Deviance I remember buying the collectors version on ebay. Anyways I will love to see a Demo for this mod or at least some of the models as a download  

This is Barricade's skin, not Deviance. Deviance has his own wip thread for his one I think.

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