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The FAQ Series

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I've decided to start up a mini tutorial series where I talk about how to do things that are frequently asked, hence the name, FAQ Series.

1. How to create a weapon [Done]
2. How to create a force power [Awaiting authorization]

3. How to make any weapon usable from swoops [Awaiting authorization]
4. How to create a new lightsaber style

5. How to create a new cvar

6. How to make absorb visible at all times (a la JK2 1.02)

7. How to disable katas

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How to increase speed downloading limit.

Get better internet. Done.


How to a force power based on radius.  (eg: Force Lightning, does radial damage instead of fan damage).

I don't know what you mean?


Adding a completely new NPC like IG-88 (or creature like a Gundark) and how to customize an NPC behavior class derived from existing class (e.g. use Boba Fett for IG-88?) Also how to add his custom GLA animation file into the game.

90% of this is up to the user, so there isn't anything I can effectively write a tutorial for. Making a new behavior class is a very easy matter, but actually putting it into practice is more of a user thing and what they want the AI to act like.


Adding his custom GLA animation isn't a code matter, it's a modeling matter and is out of my scope for these tutorials.

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Ok lets go, I am a young coder (only 4 years coding), I have a idea for a hard proyect for Jedi Academy ("hard" for me obviously) and have some questions for an old coder.


2- How to create a force power, not the animation or the fx, only the BASE for create a new force power, add this to the force list and manage their effects.

example: adding the "Destruccion" from Dark Forces II. And the compativility to enable/disable with the forcepowersdisable cvar.


1- How to create an entire new weapon, same idea to the force.

example: the concussion rifle from DFII.

EDIT: I see the tutorial, actually reading.


3- How to create a cvar, to modify something by serverside, really i dont know how.

example: a cvar to modify the damage of rockets by server (and an compatibility client side plugin for a correct sincronizacion).


6- When I learn the 3rd question, how to enable/disable the camera movement with a serverside cvar for specific saber attacks. This must be compatible with a clientside plugin.

example: enable the spin on back stab like a Jedi Outcast 1.03 BS with a serverside cvar, and the clients with the clientside plugin, can spin when BS.


4- How to create a serverside plugin detector, thats offers you to autodownload the clientside plugin if you dont have the latest version (¿maybe with a sha256 checksum?), block in spectator mode when you dont have the latest version with serverside cvar on boolean "true".


5- If you solve that basics, you gain my restpet forever (when I always learn the basics of something, I learn self-taught the rest). And remember, its for a big proyect, maybe I mention you when release.


Thanks for you time eezstreet.


PD: I am a messy coder

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Archangel, adding a NPC with animations is exactly the same as adding a vehicle to the game, it's not hard at all, the only code side which is small is the class type and how it behaves. You can do it without coding but you're just limited to how it works and behaves in game. The export and compiling process is the same as a vehicle for the model and animations.

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I kinda like not having absorb visible to other players since I play lightside while every kid out there plays dark and it catches them off guard very often when they try to grip.


Maybe rename it to lightsaber style just so there is no confusion since so many single idle animations are called stance mods.

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I don't know what you mean?

Sorry, wrote that too quick.  Meant to say: "How to make force powers do radius based damage."  I would imagine you could probably re-use a lot of the code used for the distance based chat to do so, but not really too sure about it.

JKG Developer

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