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I've updated to How to Contribute section. Remember, you don't have to be a coder to contribute to OpenJK :D You can help out just by suggesting ideas, reporting bugs or just replying to people asking for help on these forums.


I may expand on that section in the future and make its own pinned topic.

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Current status of JK2 SP/MP support please (following the one in the original non-section post)?

Neither are available.  SP is only available if compiling oneself.  MP is not even on the repository, not part of OpenJK.


JK2SP will not be available in the real first release.

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Hi everyone, I have just a question I can't solve, though probably it is as I feel. Is OpenJK only for Windows 64, not 32 ? #hopingit'snotso :)

hahaha I've got a so old pc with Windows XP so this is the reason for which I ask this. Thanks in advance for the answer :)


As far as I remember XP support for OpenJK was dropped quite some time ago.

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It works fine for 32 bit.  But XP may be no longer supported by the official builds depending on which compiler platform toolset was used and which version its compiled with.




What does it hurt to have the compiler settings set to target & compile for Windows XP (32/64-bit)?  Nothing right?

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