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galen marek mod

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I'm guessing the problem isn't necessarily compiling a skin into the species menu (as there are SP versions of Galen in the links) above, but more creating the various different outfits to choose from. Even the SP mods limit Galen to pretty much the one outfit.

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It would be cool to recreate ALL default lightsabers (to add them to menu) to be used as backhand sabers.

Arbiter, Retaliator....etc...


So when we all play SP and choose default saber for Jaden....it would be nice to choose any of the default sabers as backhand not only "forehand".


So we have all models for sabers (textures, images.....etc) only coding is needed I think...or whatever you called it.


What do you think?



AND you can add this.....(with permission of the original creator) to SP menu.




It would be very nice that Jedi Academy STAYS Jedi Academy.... ;)

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