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Fixing the dotXSI 3.0 Exporter for 3ds Max...

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I haven't imported an .XSI in a long time and never had a need for smoothing groups. I have my source files for that, so that wouldn't make any difference for me. I think you've already done an enormous amount of work for this old relic of a game engine! :D

Alright... I will focus on adding smGroups/specified/explicit normals export for poly (non-tri) meshes. And then recompile for all Max versions.


Also, I probably should remove the "use smooth groups" option because the "specified/explicit" method automatically handles smooth groups as well-- so as to avoid confusion... (like @@KENNITHH recently experienced).


@@AshuraDX -- will you test out the Max2015 exporter to verify the UV splits are gone?

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Update: OK... so I believe that, in addition to fixing the triangulated mesh vertex normals, I've also fixed exporting of vertex normals for polygon (non-Triangle) meshes. I didn't realize that feature was broken in the original exporter-- but it was... and should be all good now. :winkthumb:


I will begin to carry updates over into other Max versions and compile new v1.9 beta plugins. I still would like @@AshuraDX to test out the Max2015 exporter on some of his models (since he originally noted the UV Mesh splitting issue).

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Update:  Ok... From the Max 2013 v1.9 beta plugin source I compiled and sent to @@DT85 for testing... I've know compiled a v1.9 dotXSI exporter for 3ds Max 2015 and I've mailed it to @@AshuraDX  so he can test exporter on some of his models (since he originally noted the UV Mesh splitting issue).          


I hope to have all versions uploaded for approval as soon as I get some feedback from AshuraDX.

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Update:  So here is what I've re-compiled for v1.9 dotXSI 3.0 exporter so far...


3ds Max 2013:  x64 version only (sent to @@DT85 to test out) [ note:  this version will work in 3ds Max 2014 x64 ]

3ds Max 2015:  x64 version (sent to @@AshuraDX to test out) [ note:  this version will work in 3ds Max 2016 x64 ]


3ds Max 2012: x86 and x64 flavors (see link below)

...I've just brought the changes over into 3ds Max 2012 and compiled both an x86/x64 version, and here is a "pre-submission beta" version if anyone feels like testing it out:




If you do download this v1.9 version for Max 2012-- you know the drill... (1) Put the DLL file in your main 3ds Max folder, (2) Put the .DLE file in your plugins folder.  I've not tested these yet in Max 2012, so if you find any issues please post them in this thread.


EDIT:  I just tested it out in Max 2012 x64... discovered that I forgot to roll the version number in the "About" Dialog... FIXED!  Plugin appears to work fine...


I'm heading off to see a movie... I'm sure you can guess which one! :winkthumb: 

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Attention 3ds Max 2010/2011 users... @@Psyk0Sith et al


Here is the newly compiled v1.9 dotXSI 3.0 exporter for 3ds Max 2010 (both x86 and x64). These plugins will also work in 3ds Max 2011. The x64 version was compiled against Crosswalk 2012.5 so you will need to delete your previous x64 XSIFTK.dll file. Please give these a try and report any issues-- pay particular attention to vertex normals (which was the focus of v1.9). Your feedback is needed and appreciated!





Merry Christmas!


Edit: I forgot to fix the "ignore smooth groups" function for non-tri polygon meshes. But "use smooth groups" should be correct. I need to do my own verification as well.

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Update:  My testing of the 2010/2011 dotXSI 3.0 exporter v1.9 using a simple box mesh and a simple pentagon mesh...


It seems their original vertex normal export functions that "ignore smooth groups" do not even produce correct results.  The "ignore smooth groups" option is suppose to ignore multiple smooth groups settings and simply average all normals at a vertex just as if all faces were set to a single smooth group-- this however does not produce the same normals when choosing "use smooth groups" will all faces set to the smooth group 1.  Good news is that the "use smooth groups" option exactly matches the normals in 3ds Max (when you print them out using maxscript).


So it looks like I will have to go back in and correct their original methods that "ignore smooth groups".


If anyone has downloaded either 2010/2011 or the 2012 v1.9 exporter -- please let me know how your test results look.  Feel free to post comparison pics in this thread (3ds Max versus ModView).

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Update:  I just submitted the official beta version 1.9 for 3ds Max 2009 32/64-bit.  I still need to compile and formally submit versions for Max 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015.  But that will have to wait until next week.


Please give me feedback-- especially regarding vertex normals (how they look in ModView versus 3ds Max (to see them in Max throw on an Edit_Normals modifier temporarily) ).

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Notice to all 3ds Max Users: As @@DT85 discovered, vertex normals are broken in v1.8 of the dotXSI exporter... even when correcting my forgetting to do the Max-to-XSI coordinate transformation… the original code doesn't compute correct normals using the "ignore smooth groups" option.


The good news is that I have now fixed the original methods for vertex normals for both triangulated and non-triangulated meshes. Plus v1.9 adds new vertex normal methods for "use smooth groups" and ""specified/explicit" normals.


The bad news is... any released model exported using the v1.8 plugins must be re-exported using the v1.9 plugins.

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I have not released a version for max 2015/2016 yet. I only sent it to a few people to beta test for me. I will be releasing the rest of the 3dsMax versions this next week.

In the readme file and description you said that it would work for 2016 too. But ok, keep up the good work though.

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Are you talking about the v1.8 exporter? If so, did you put the Crosswalk DLL in the main 3ds Max folder-- like I said in the readme?

Yes, I've done that. I've done everything exactly as told in the readme.

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Yes, I've done that. I've done everything exactly as told in the readme.

Run dependency walker on the dotXSIExport.dle ...you likely do not have the correct VS2012 C++ redistributable runtime installed.


Compare the VS2012 C++ runtime the plugin uses (from Dependency Walker) to the version you have installed. Post the version numbers. If they don't match download & install the VS2012 C++ runtime the plugin uses.

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