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  1. Side note: After looking around casually on this tutorial section, I noticed a post from master Rich Whitehouse in DT85's tutorial about GLM Importing/Exporting using Noesis. What he says there about splitting up models into less than 1000 verts had me interested because me and my modding pal were looking for a tool that does this for years ! So what I did was look around further into his tool and I noticed this in the advanced notes (That I've never seen this before stuns me !) -maxbones # - a single mesh cannot reference more than this many bones.-maxvertweights # - a single vert cannot have more than # weights.-maxverts # - split meshes with more than # verts.-maxtris # - split meshes with more than # tris. For those who do not have noesis, click this link Tutorial : 1. Open Noesis 2. Open file and locate a model you wish to split up3. Export the model 4. Choose any Main output type you prefer (except GLM read the note below)5. At Advanced options, type -maxverts with the amount of verts you wish to cut the model intoexample : -maxverts 4996. Press Export Note: When exporting as GLM this happens automaticly into 32 bones, 1000 verts, or 2000 triangles, vertex weights to 4 PS: - I know this might look silly as there are sooo many features in Noesis that you can explain but I just needed this to be out there as I was looking for this for years and who knows other people aswell.- Also if I should explain something better or whatever , please let me know.
  2. REMINDER - USE IT TO LEARN - ASK PERMISSION OF THE OWNER What you need: CRAFTY - For saving the map as HL .map BSPSource 1.3.13 - For decompiling the map - Updated to 1.3.13 JAVA - For running BSPSource HL-Q3map Converter - For converting HL<->Q3 .map files Source SDK or CSGO SDK - For using hammer to remove/hide some things A "Source" map in .bsp format Getting started: Open BSPSource with bspsrc.bat Click on Add , then select and open the .bsp map (I'm using the CSGO cs_italy.bsp) Go to the Other tab and select the game the .bsp is made for at "BSP format" and Decompile. Select where you want the .vmf to be created, give it a name and press Save Once the last line is "[info] Processed 1 file(s) in x seconds" , you can close BSPSource At this point, I suggest making a copy of the .vmf you created, in my case cs_italy_d.vmf because the texture information will be lost so everything becomes caulk, even the tools brushes (and skybox) which is anoying to retexture as you can't see what is what. So one .vmf will be the tools brushes + skybox, and one will be the world brushes. You don't have to do this though if you don't want the tool brushes and skybox seperate. Next you need to open SourceSDK's Hammer or CSGO's Hammer, I prefer CSGO's but they're basicly the same. I'm just having issues with the config of SourceSDK's and not willing to fix it http://jkhub.org/pub...DIR#/tongue.png Open the .vmf in Hammer by going to File/Open, then at VisGroups/Auto (a tab at the right bottom) and untick "Auto" first so everything gets hidden, then tick what you want to remove. Lets remove the Sky and Tool brushes. Do this by ticking Sky (under World Geometry) and Tool Brushes. These will show up now. Now go to Edit/Select All and then Edit/Delete. Now you can tick the "Auto" back on so everything is visible again. Notice that Sky and Tool Brushes isn't in the list anymore? Now let's Save the map again by going to File/Save and close Hammer Almost there Open the saved .vmf with Crafty and go to File/Export and save the map as "MAP Files (*.map) Next, open hlq3map and click on input and browse to the .map you just created. Then click on Output and choose a location and name and click on Save, then on Convert NOTE: Don't use the same name as the other .map Map processed Successfully ! REMINDER - USE IT TO LEARN - ASK PERMISSION OF THE OWNER EDIT - 13/03/2016 - I found out that exporting VisGroups seperatly in Hammer works much better as you can edit each entitytype much easier
  3. For bsp to ase, you'll need Q3MAP2 (lots of tutorials bout BSP to ASE online) , if you want BSP to OBJ, I believe Noesis can take care of that: http://richwhitehouse.com/index.php?content=inc_projects.php
  4. I have no idea, Ensiform is working on it atm, you should ask him what he has done But if you saw pictures of weapons and stuff, thats our mod, I've been working on some maps and mainly effects now so slow progress on our little mod
  5. Not trying to nag but I'm really interested in this if it'll improve the use of models in my maps .. so continuing as the BSP stage can be completed , I'm now stuck at the VIS stage, I'm getting the hall of death effect when I compile the VIS stage and I can't see anything of the map, any ideas ?
  6. Apparently it's either my func_glass or func_group that was messing up the compile on WzMap.exe. I did it at the same time : removing the glass and ungrouped the brushes and it continued. So I'm not sure which one it is exactly (yet)
  7. Same thing happened but the compiler had to do way less, but good to know maybe is that there are 94 models and 1 that has to stay misc_model : http://pastebin.com/Y3tE5yHR EDIT: Strangely enough when I remove all the models and compile, it still crashes. EDIT EDIT: Whats even more strange is is that I now upgraded to Radiant 1.6.5 , used JA setup but changed everything to SOF2, then changed the q3map2.exe to 4gb and compiled my map and now it does compile, which it didn't do on 1.4 and its q3map2 meaning that my test project of porting CSGO map to SOF2 was accomplished ^^. I do am still curious in how far your compiler might improve the map though. It still fails at the same location as before.
  8. Perhaps it's better that I post my log here as there are multiple FixBrushFaces: http://pastebin.com/wVemrDWc And no problem waiting
  9. Yeah it keeps crashing for me at FixBrushFaces with both my maps
  10. None of the downloads work mate & when compiling I get this error : http://puu.sh/snJkI/811968f3c5.png , perhaps cause of the use of bloodmap dlls? Could you reup the whole deal ? I'm really curious if this'll work
  11. ok I'm testing it out with a testmap I once made of CSGO's Italy, using a lot of its models but I get 2 errors: libxml2-2.dll and libpng14-14.dll missing, I'm using the base of GTK 1.4 and Q3MAP2 2.5.16 EDIT: Fixed by using paulvortex's BloodMap x64 folder and your .exe
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