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Need help with single player map

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Hi everybody, I'm working on a single player map and I'm having some trouble with it. I wanted to add sound files to my doors in the map. I attached the desired sound to the brushes but for some reason the game won't play it in game. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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When you try to play the sound (Or maybe when the map loads), an error should be listed in the game console - do you see one by chance?

I ask because two reasons - some versions of Radiant will give you a corrupt/incorrect path when you add a sound using this method. It might be worth manually checking to be sure it has the right path.

Second, wav files need to be mono, and I think they need to be a specific bit depth and sample rate too, but I could be wrong on that.

Either way, the console should have an error that tells you what is wrong.

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If that is the path that is listed in Radiant, it is giving you the wrong path. It needs to be relative to the base folder.

Here's an example sound from a trigger_multiple entity:

key: noise
value: sound/movers/switches/switch2.mp3

If you change your path accordingly, the sound file should load.

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On 7/4/2021 at 9:47 PM, undeadslayer said:

@NAB622, could you explain in more detail? I'm still kind of new to this.

He means the path to the sound should be relative to your PK3 file, not your computer. Or if you're using a sound that is already in the game, relative to the path in the assets0.pk3. It should look similar to his example he gave when you edit that entity.

Also keep in mind you should be using "soundset" for doors unless you are using a trigger_multiple or target_speaker for it.

This tutorial explains the basics of doors and has the sound portion:


To quote:

To look up the soundsets you can use for doors, open up the sound/sound.txt file and do a text search for... well, the word "door." Add the key soundset and the value for the soundset you want.  I will be using large_door for mine.

This also shows the soundset key and explains how to do doors in SP fairly simply:


spacer.png     spacer.png

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@Circa and @MagSul, thanks for the help the doors now have a sound attached to it. The sound problem that I had is not the only problem with the map. I messed up a later version the map when I attempted to add in a tram to the map. I had load in my backup for the map and oddly lost a texture for my doors in game, radiant still has the texture on it. I'll post something in this from when I need more help.

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My preferred method for secret areas is just to right-click the grid in GTKRadiant and place a target_secret anywhere inside of your geometry. Then, create a system/trigger brush and set it as a trigger_once. Connect the trigger_once to the target_secret and you're done! When the player then walks through the trigger, the secret area notification is triggered. 🙂


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On a "target_secret" entity, you should set the key as "count" and the value to the total number of secrets on all of them. That said, I didn't do it on a recent map of my own and it still worked, which implies that your issue is being caused by something else. I can take a look at the map directly, if you want to send it over in a DM. ☺️

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