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  1. Bummer. I don't have any means to test anything right now, either. Sorry. Good to know, though.
  2. If I understand what you're doing correctly.... You are correct in using the clipper tool. You can do two point or three point clips. After making your points, you can press enter to accept the change, ctrl+enter to change which side of the points to clip, or shift+enter to slice the brushes through without removing anything. I believe shift+enter is what you want, yes?
  3. You cannot connect vertices from different patches, but you can use Ctrl+G to snap the selected vertices to the grid, which should visually have the same effect.
  4. I believe so. I know it works with other parameters like _lightmapscale, so I don't see why _minlight would be any different.
  5. There are two decent solutions here: Use -bounce on your light compile. It will give you the exact effect you are looking for (Light bouncing from surface to surface), but it will cost extra time to render. 3-4 bounces should do it. A quicker solution is just adding more light sources to the room. If you want the fastest (Although worst looking) solution, you can use _minlight on the brushwork below the x-wing to prevent any harsh shadows (Make it a func_group first). A value like 25-30 will probably work fine.
  6. Honest question, don't you mean func_group instead of func_static?? I thought entities were culled during an ASE conversion.
  7. ...After some careful thought, I think this might just be possible. Create a massive trigger_multiple that encompasses your entire map, target it at a target_scriptrunner with the runonactivator flag, and have it check for which weapon is equipped. If the thermal detonator is equipped, change a SET_PARM value on the NPC/Player that triggered the script. From there, you'll need to transfer the value from the player's SET_PARMs to a global variable, but there are many easy tricks to do that, depending on how your level is set up, assuming this is single player. The downside to this is that it might slow the game down, so you'll want to activate the trigger only when needed, and deactivate it as soon as it has served it's purpose.
  8. I don't know about the -patchmeta flag, but I can tell you that there has to be at least one brush in the map for the conversion to work. If you don't have one, then just make a tiny brush that is textured with all caulking in the center of the map. Retry your conversion and it should work fine, despite the added brush being useless.
  9. Trigger_multiple can be used by the player, so just use that. It'll make everything simpler going forward. The doors cannot function like a train without a script, and scripts are not compatible with the team key. So if you want anything fancier than two teamed doors, you'll have to script it from start to finish.
  10. Yes. Make two separate doors, one moving in each direction like you want. On both doors, add: Key: team Value: <make up a name> You may have to use a trigger_multiple to fire one of the doors (not both). If you do, make sure you give it a wait time so it doesn't rapid-fire the doors. If all goes well, the doors will always move together, including when blocked and when reversing.
  11. What kind of door are you looking to create? Func_door can handle basic back-and-forth movement, and if I recall correctly, using the angles key you can set the movement to anywhere on all three axes at once (Or just angle for a single direction). If you're looking for a swinging or rotating door, or anything with more than a single motion, you'll need a script for that.
  12. No, it can not. What you are referring to is making a brush part of an entity (func_door, func_breakable, func_wall). The brush is contained within the entity, thus the brush can only have one 'function'.
  13. Does the game throw an error? We can't really help without the error message, other than simply saying to remove the mod.
  14. No coding is required. To do it you would have to place the spawn points in a secluded area, with a trigger to instantly teleport players. The biggest risk here is lots and lots of telefrags. And this is also assuming you can teleport players to the location of a moving func_train anyhow. Add in the aforementioned physics issues, and personally I don't think it's worth it. You're much better off just faking it visually. And honestly you can probably make it look better that way too.
  15. Entities cannot be attached to each other in that manner, with only one exception that I know of (Misc_model). Because of this, and because of the way in-game physics work, it is always better to simulate the movement of the train. I would use func_train and scrolling textures outside all windows to simulate buildings and scenery passing by. Also, it may not be visible in your entity configuration, but you can use target_screenshake to give a rumble here and there to help simulate movement. That said, if you really really need to move the cars, you'll need to override the spawn system and teleport players to the train, assuming trigger_teleport or target_teleport can send players to the location of a moving func_train. t1_rail_sample.map is actually included in Radiant. That said, fullkevlar didn't specify single player or multiplayer, but the entities used in t1_rail are single player specific.
  16. If you mean a fire effect, you need an fx_runner. I don't know what the fire effects' names are off-hand, but if you check kor1_sample.map, you should find plenty of examples.
  17. First off, make sure your vador folder is inside the gamedata/base folder, not the gamedata folder. The game always looks for assets starting in the base folder. Second, your texture path needs to be relative to the base folder. You cannot have an absolute path (For instance, starting at your C drive). So, change the texture path to vador\models\map_objects\v2\Concgren.jpg. As long as you moved the vador folder as mentioned above, it should work.
  18. What is the full texture path the ASE file is looking for?
  19. I can say from experience that music files above 128 Kbps frequently fail to load, at least when created with Audacity and the LAME encoding library. Not sure why.
  20. Just another thought - make sure each secret area is using a unique trigger_once. Triggers can have multiple brushes, and if you accidentally put both brushes in the same trigger, only the first secret you hit will work.
  21. I'm assuming by "Version 4" you mean Radiant 1.4. From your description, @mrwonko's answer is correct. Make sure the paths are all configured correctly. If Radiant can't see the game, it can't load any textures or shaders.
  22. What exactly isn't working about the secret area? What is it doing wrong? What is it supposed to do?
  23. Music is easy. Put one (Or two for intro/loop music) stereo MP3 file (128 kbps constant bit rate works, I don't know about any other bit rates) in music/<mapname>, then in the worldspawn entity of your map, add this: key: music Value: <path to intro file> <path to loop file> If you aren't using an intro file, just give it a single path. Be aware that MP3 files do not loop correctly, there will be a ~0.026 second gap at the beginning of playback on each file. Edit wisely. Intro files can help with this. For shaders, exactly what are you trying to do? It's easier to explain with an example.
  24. We need more information. Are you having problems with all textures loading? Or just some of them? Exactly what version of Radiant are you running? What OS are you on? And most importantly..... When exactly did the issue start?
  25. Is the console in Radiant throwing any errors? Are there shaders for these textures, or are they just plain textures?
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