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  1. NAB622's post in Skybox was marked as the answer   
    t's been a really long time since I've touched Terragen, but after skimming a tutorial, it doesn't look like it has changed at all.
    That said, I think I see your confusion about a script. I didn't even know Terragen had scripts. It's not necessary to use one, you can just type the angle values from the script/tutorial directly into the camera settings and render each image manually if you want. The script is purely for convenience sake.
  2. NAB622's post in Trouble with target_speaker entity was marked as the answer   
    Assuming SoundGroup is not a thing.....a simple script and a series of target_speaker entities is 100% the cleanest way to go.
    If you want to set up an entity system to play random sounds without a script, use some kind of a trigger (I'll use trigger_once here), target_delay, target_random and target_relay.
    trigger_once | | v target_delay <--------| | | |-------> target_relay | | v target_random | ------------------------------- | | | v v v target_speaker target_speaker target_speaker  
    Target_delay has a random key, use that to create your randomization.
    Edit: A side effect of this setup is that the trigger_once will also trigger the target_random, since they'll end up with the same targetname. All it will do is trigger a sound immediately before the delay takes place, so it's not a problem, just something to be aware of.
  3. NAB622's post in 2 func_breakables open a door was marked as the answer   
    You are looking for target_counter. When triggered a specified number of times, it will fire it's target.
  4. NAB622's post in Random Icarus elements was marked as the answer   
    You are correct. Set random value on a variable, then IF...ELSE to determine which way to point the bottle based on the random value, then execute your rotation and other fun stuff. There is no way to do any math or comparison on vectors in ICARUS, so this is the only option.
    I have to assume you are using BehavED, it's the only method I've ever used. If you initialize a variable like so:

    Then to give it a random value, set it like so:

    On the left is the necessary line to use the variable you created.
    The center just gets an = sign.
    On the right, input your min and max values for the range at the bottom, then click rnd. BehavED will input the necessary command for you.
    I use this same username on discord, and I think I'm in the JKHub Discord server, too. I'm not hard to find if you need help. 😉
  5. NAB622's post in How to create a cut in a square brush to make triangles? was marked as the answer   
    If I understand what you're doing correctly....
    You are correct in using the clipper tool. You can do two point or three point clips.
    After making your points, you can press enter to accept the change, ctrl+enter to change which side of the points to clip, or shift+enter to slice the brushes through without removing anything. I believe shift+enter is what you want, yes?
  6. NAB622's post in How to connect two vertex's on a patch? was marked as the answer   
    You cannot connect vertices from different patches, but you can use Ctrl+G to snap the selected vertices to the grid, which should visually have the same effect.
  7. NAB622's post in texture problem with ASE file in misc_model was marked as the answer   
    First off, make sure your vador folder is inside the gamedata/base folder, not the gamedata folder. The game always looks for assets starting in the base folder.
    Second, your texture path needs to be relative to the base folder. You cannot have an absolute path (For instance, starting at your C drive). So, change the texture path to vador\models\map_objects\v2\Concgren.jpg. As long as you moved the vador folder as mentioned above, it should work.
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