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The Sith of Qarr

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Hello all, 

I've just released a JKA video. The result of hundreds of hours of work and featuring dozens of player-made mods, I present to you "THE SITH OF QARR": 
(if the running time of 26 minutes discourages some, I suggest this to you: reach the 1 minute and 30 seconds mark, and if nothing's caught your attention, stop there)


Please, do give me your feedback. I'd love to know your thoughts, WHATEVER they may be. 
Thank you!  

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2 hours ago, NumberWan said:

Wow, that was very good! I see a few new things, originally not see in JA, like new models, skins, effects, but even without it the story is well edited! 

Thank you! It's nice to hear from someone who's in the credits. I believe you made the 2-1B droid that appears in the video?

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