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Cyberpunk Cities, Space Stations, Lockdown Projects that I will maybe finish.

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Edit: Most of these are just glorified skyboxes/skyportals that I've been building. 

Valora Upper Levels





Underlevels (Diff Planet which I might make Coruscant lol)





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Holographic Interfaces! ?

These will be the switches for doors, elevators, and miscellaneous intractables around the map.

They are fully animated, usable, complete with new sounds, and you can even walk right on through them! The paragraphs of text you see in the boxes scroll on down.




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Keep up the great work! You're breaking through boundaries, exploring new worlds! We just have to cross that finish line so everyone can experience the wonders you've created.

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Yep, were doing this, another update.

I'm rebuilding an alleyway from a previous map I was working on, I have a new technique where I round my edges so I had to rebuild the alley from scratch. Its going to be more neonlit and colorful once its more polished. 



Eventually I will continue working on this room again.


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Some updates. I'm calling this monstrous building "The Breaker." Its mostly finished, just need to build up the surrounding city district around it. 


The other side of the skyportal, it will be getting an overhaul once I'm finished the Breaker District. 



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I love your taste, you have such a unique style and no skybox has ever been that dynamic in Jedi Academy! I can't wait to see your official releases!

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