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  1. Some updates. I'm calling this monstrous building "The Breaker." Its mostly finished, just need to build up the surrounding city district around it. The other side of the skyportal, it will be getting an overhaul once I'm finished the Breaker District.
  2. Just began work on the otherside of the Underlevels skyportal, still a ton of work to do.
  3. Yep, were doing this, another update. I'm rebuilding an alleyway from a previous map I was working on, I have a new technique where I round my edges so I had to rebuild the alley from scratch. Its going to be more neonlit and colorful once its more polished. Eventually I will continue working on this room again.
  4. Presenting.... Holographic Interfaces! ? These will be the switches for doors, elevators, and miscellaneous intractables around the map. They are fully animated, usable, complete with new sounds, and you can even walk right on through them! The paragraphs of text you see in the boxes scroll on down.
  5. Infinity Pool (Still needs a reflective shader ? ) Apartment. With alternative lighting
  6. Edit: Most of these are just glorified skyboxes/skyportals that I've been building. Valora Upper Levels Orbital Underlevels (Diff Planet which I might make Coruscant lol)
  7. So some updates. I gutted the map (aside from the skyportal) to make it more stylized to match up with its skybox. Don't mind the grey in some areas, I'm still crafting textures. I'm currently experimenting with volumetrics to add to the feel and blend the skyportal in some areas. This is going to be the central lift which will take you into the common area. Im going to eventually put a large red neon sign behind the support beams, I'm using a red motif to make it feel like your metaphorically descending into hell. This is going to be the common area, eventually it will be filled with some more city lights, more detail, and of course some neon. Its rudimentary right now. Updates to the docks and the skyportal.
  8. A year ago I started on a city planet (yes its been that long) but yet I was still learning how to map so it didn't really go all that far. But after some practice I think I got the hang of this. So here is the under levels of my fictional city planet. (Valora) Inspired by Coruscant's level 1313 and both real Los Angeles and Blade Runner 2049's depiction of it. I'm shooting for this to be my first release. This is basically one giant skyportal so far. Pretty much everything is animated from the building lights, to the new flying traffic shader I made, the holographic advertisements which I plan to make more of. and to the new skylight shader with small dust particles slowly trickling down. Now I need to get the rest of the base map as visually appealing as its skybox
  9. I would love to know more about your project and yes, I want this map to be my first release. Shoot me a DM.
  10. Whoops, sorry about that https://ufile.io/t7wka /devmap Orbitalnew18 .map file included in the PK3
  11. No, no no no, no no. Mapping has a pay off. I personally use it to de-stress, You're helping to keep JKA alive and well in the process, Please take a break but don't delete your work. especially this beautiful map. Work of your caliber is incredibly rare.
  12. Yes, but nothing I'm satisfied with. I recently just begun working on it again and making something that is less of a shader test bed and more of coherent level. I have begun fleshing out the underground (below the city) more from the tunnels, the Raven hotel and lounge, and I just started on the Metro (not pictured) Other than the recent work I've come up with a name for this place: Valora. One of my test shaders, I'll prob ditch the rain all together as Skyportals and weather effects don't mix well. I did in the meantime build an experimental space station which is set in low orbit of Valora. The skyportal is animated where the clouds move and you can see Starships coming and going. I'll offer a playable alpha as I might not even release this as I'm unhappy with the design. Download Link /devmap O25
  13. OMFG this map is awesome! The combination lock is jaw dropping enough, but the electrical charge effect in the force field takes the cake! Amazing work!!!
  14. Ironically enough this is going to be a market place area.
  15. Some updates. Finally got my own version of skytraffic in. Been doing more experiments with shaders Just started to expand the lower market. This will be the vista from the Lower Market. I have alot of texture work to do on these buildings. Most notably windows and lighting them up with ads aswell as giving the illusion of more density in the background.
  16. Ripped alot out to start from scratch. Redoing the entire skyportal and making some new textures for new buildings within the skyportal look like distant mega structures. And this time with a more industrial/alien style instead of something you'd see on Earth. I'm also just trying to get a feel for how I want this level to be laid out.
  17. He practices Tantra and can meditate across the universe. Who knows? I am still debating whether or not to make pillars, but I am probably going to suspend them by cables when I add more skyscrapers just to make the city look more dense. There is so much to do. I eventually want to make unique looking window textures so it looks less repetitive along with several shaders for the freeways. Trying to keep the brush count for the skyportal low and mostly rely on shaders for the detail and lighting. My original plan was to make a cloudy dusk/ latesunset skybox so I could go crazy with env and spec maps. But the fog looks alot more practical and I can get away with adding more detail. YESSSSSS! I loved that film. I actually used Correllia in one of the Starport advertisements. This is one of several slides. "From the outer rim, from the core worlds, to the unknown regions, we welcome you"
  18. So I have been wanting to make this for awhile. I still need a name for this city as I want it to fit somewhere into the Star Wars lore. Some place not quite Coruscant but a bit like Nar Shaddaa. Got inspired to make it after watching Altered Carbon. Right now its mostly place holder textures as I'm still in the process of crafting Aurabesh/huttese advertisements and shaders aswell as color changing LED lights for most of the buildings. Im also in the process of creating one hell of a skyportal. Eventually Ill make a new shader for the sky traffic and the traffic on those curved freeways. Anyway here is an early look. Im trying to learn the func_ features so I can make those strobe lights shift back and forth. One of the textures Ive made so far inspired off of the placeholders Ive been using. This is actually all in one texture as the screen changes every three seconds, like something you would see in Times Square. Eventually Im going to fill up the whole city with shaders, as many as the game can handle.
  19. Some updates. Slowly coming back to it, Learned some more about lighting and in the process of updating it. Im redoing the models for the light columns so they are removed for now. Lighting test for the Coruscant/Nar Shaddaa City I want to eventually get to once I make some realistic looking Neon/aurabesh signs. Using a placeholder texture (My apologies, I forget the name of the guy who made it, its from an old Jedi Outcast duel map) for now. Oh, I also have a Prefab in the works This was made with brushes, It will have a cockpit eventually too, complete with its own shaders.
  20. Oh no, This movie had a whole litany of offenses. Same, I have seen fan fictions written by eleven year olds which were better than this.
  21. There is one in the Yavin directory. If not, there are I believe there is two in Szico VII's map model pack Don't even get me started on Canto Bight lol. I said "WOW!" In theaters when they showed the exterior of the city, the beautiful buildings, the waterfalls, I was blown away, but then when they cut to that Casino inside I was taken back in complete revulsion. It was one of the things that I honestly hated about the Last Jedi.
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