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This is more than just a personal request that I have made and I want to share my work here, The model is from Scerendo and the head of Spanki




Hello bro. Nice model. But the neck doenst fit torso. To fix this: 


1. Resize torso part

2. Enter edit mode of head/neck and move with verts. Its quite tricky but it helps :) If you dont know how check some tutorials on youtube :)

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Very cool, and you plan to spread it in access? If the message is unrelated, then I apologize. I communicate with Google translator, I do not speak English well.

Sombra and Darth Revan are my most personal works, they do not compare, an alternate version of Revan is shared in jkhub but I have not allowed it for a problem, but the rest of the models are a link if I do not forget xd , and quiet also use translator xD

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