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bloodPLUS Gore/Dismemberment Mod

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I think when Maul get slit in two see a red mist.

That's true. But still, there is a difference between blood and some "red mist".


Anyway. I think blood and gore are a little bit too much for a mod that aims to stay close to the feel of Star Wars.

It might be fine as a mini mod for those who want it, but it shouldn't be a major feature. However, exceptions could be made on sharp melee weapons,

such as the vibro blades. Anything else would be too over-the-top.

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I was referring to Maul being cut in half, yes.Maybe this has something to do with the age of the saber, or the crystal inside it to be more specific.(?) Maybe there is so much blood in the Cantina scene from New Hope because Obi-Wan didnt have a reason/ the tools to maintain his saber, thus the blade was not hot enough to burn the wound? Sort of like an old iron sword might still look fine, but isnt sharp enough for even cutting logs.


Whatever the case, you cant say blood isnt canon if its visible in 2 of the main movies. Even if its a blood mist, it stil indicates that there is blood in that scene. So my point was that discarding this mod because "blood is not canon" isn't a valid argument. If you simply dont think it suits KotF, then say so.

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