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This is a pack containing a multitude of Galactic Senators from the prequel trilogy and the Clone Wars TV series. A large number of different species and characters are represented in this pack, which is designed mainly for use on RP servers and in JKA machinima.


To install, just place the zzzzzGalacticSenators.pk3 in your GameDate/Base/ directory.


Bot support is not included, but NPCs can be spawned in singleplayer with the following commands (all NPCs are allied):


npc spawn bailorgana

npc spawn masamedda

npc spawn senatororgana

npc spawn senatormothma

npc spawn senatoraang

npc spawn senatorask

npc spawn senatorchuchi

npc spawn senatorconcorkill

npc spawn senatorblount

npc spawn senatorburtoni

npc spawn senatorsaam

npc spawn senatortikkes

npc spawn senatortills

npc spawn senatorithorian


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Wow, very impressive! You're missing a few senators of course (watch episode 3 deleted scenes to find what they look like), but otherwise incredible.

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Wow, very impressive! You're missing a few senators of course (watch episode 3 deleted scenes to find what they look like), but otherwise incredible.


Have to admit, I wasn't planning on doing all 10,000 members of the Senate... :P


I am keen to figure out how to create Sly Moore and Orn Free Taa though. I have some ideas...

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Perhaps, one of the most unusual packs. I remember the time, when the JA community couldn't even imagine anything even close to this – most fans and players were longing for the new Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker or Metal Gear Solid characters. That's what was in high demand, often closing path for other ideas.

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Wow that is amazing work, and I love that the senators finally got some love! Any chance of an older version of Mon Mothma?

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Oddly nobody noticed it yet (does anybody actually download files here AND try them out? lolz....) there is a bug in shaders file. More precisely a missing bracket in SenatorAang/cape section which causes saber blades to be completely messed up in MP (notice not in SP), so............. well, whatever. Fixed it myself.

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I am watching Clone Wars for the first time... Before I started, this was one of my favorite packs because of the HUGE diversity and quality in it, but now? Now it's even more extraordinary! The gravitas to each character, the importance! The way it's all captured! This file is superb on many levels!

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