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The Jedi Academy Texture Overhaul Full v0.3

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About This File

This Mod aims to replace nearly all in-game textures (which are quite low res compared to the textures in games nowadays) with improved hi-rez textures faithful to the original style of the game and/or with custom textures all of 2 times (some even 8! times) the original size. It is perfectly safe and very easy to install or uninstall from your system because it will not alter the files in your installation folder directly.

More detailed instructions will be included in the release(s).


This newest download is a huge new Pack, combining all former packs aswell as two new levels, Vjun and the "Mercenary" level on Tatooine. For more information click check out the Changelog below.


To install extract the downloaded file to the directory gamedata/base/ in your Jedi Academy directory.



-- Important --


If you have other releases of my mod in your game directory please delete them, this ensures everything will be displayed properly!

Please visit my Mod on Moddb.com: http://www.moddb.com...exture-overhaul

Why you no help??

I do not have the resources to test my mod on different systems apart from my gaming rig, so if someone would kindly help and post his system specs and the framerate or general performance when using my mod i can provide minimum spec info for other players. Now I don't think you need a strong pc for this to work fluently, but your graphics card should probably have 128 megs of ram. but this is just an assumption!

If there is someone who has experience with the id tech 3 engine and its modelling tools and would like to help and take this mod on a new level - please contact me, i'm quite positive on improving the models and meshes too which would then be a total cosmetic overhaul mod improving all graphics throughout the game.


What's New in Version v0.3


  • ---CHANGELOG---
  • Combined Pack (v.0.3)
  • -complete retexture of Vjun added (2-4 times original resolution)
  • -complete retexture of the merchant level on Tatooine added (2-4 times original resolution)
  • -parts of the Rancor level retextured
  • -most ships retextured (4 times original resolution)
  • -all former retexture improved and reworked again with new workflow adding moe detail and changing unfitting textures
  • -higher resolution wall/environment/object textures most are faithful to the original but with a lot of added detail-cutom textures only used when original looked too bad/could not beimproved/didn't look realistic
  • -all textures minimum twice the original pixel resolution
  • -every glowmap and lightmap improved
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not really review more a question and i didn't know where to post it  i've tried to remod Star wars Jedi Knight Acdemy by putting the pk file where it needs to go but when i start the game they won't show or work ? 

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