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  1. Just want to know, is there an easy way to get the gun to show up properly in first person, with the correct angles, or is it all trial and error? Please Say yes
  2. Yay! It worked! Thank you! By the way, what is the manual that is mentioned in the tutorial? EDIT: It seems that there may be a trick on exporting to md3... help there would be nice
  3. Argh! All these things about modeling that never seemed to matter! Okay, how do I find the exact spot to split? Please tell me it isn't trial and error...
  4. I'm assuming that splitting at the seams is for multiple uv maps, which I don't want. I've even made the model a few more times from scratch, and I keep getting the error, even when I don't do the split for a sharp edge thingy (You don't have to have a uv split for it to work, right? like is it a must have or a personal preference?) . Also, what is happening when the model goes all, well, dotty on certain faces? Every time I seem to fix that it happens some where else.
  5. Sorry... but nearly 50 hours later, there is something i need to do... Bump. Oh, and I tried a few more times...still no clue :/
  6. Pressed A, pressed U, smart uv map thingy... Yeah pretty sure...
  7. Gone through the tutorial a few more times (trying to follow it and apply it to my gun) and I keep getting the same error... and yes, this is a bump, and I still have no idea how to fix the problem...
  8. Yes I did read it... that just didn't click in. I skim read. Hopefully last thing, and I hope this isn't in the tutorial, 'cause that would be embarrassing...what does this mean?
  9. Thanks, that helped me a lot, but know I've gotten another error, Error: Could not load surface model_w (LOD 0) from Blender: Non Triangle face found. What can I do to fix it?
  10. Finally getting around to trying to model in blender, and it seems to be going okay so far, except that when ever I try to export to glm, it says Error: Could not open gla for Bone index look up. I have added an armature to the model, weighted and all, and named it skeleton_root, so maybe there was a step I missed? So yeah, help would be very, very nice
  11. Well, more to the point, have them show up in first person and when not picked up yet... or thrown... basically anytime not in 3rd person? (Not full invisible, just slightly see through) For Example, in third person I get this And when in first person all you can see is a glove Does anyone know why, or know how to fix it?
  12. I think that the holsters are bolted to the back tag when ever you use them. I am also pretty sure that the Jetpack model is bolted to the chest, and is not actually part of every model. Just play around with modview and try bolting holsters/jetpack to the chest/back tags. I could be wrong, but that is just how it seemed to me, hope it helps.
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