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Author: Cye


Submitted by Helena Revan


One of the scariest maps ever released, FFA Nowhere is an abandoned asylum! And not a nice sort of asylum, either. One with rows of cells and locked iron doors, padded cells and operating theatres, and security bars everywhere! People have died here. There's even a graveyard full of them. But are all those who died here in the graveyard? I'm not so sure of that! You visit on a rainy, misty night, and there's just enough power to work the lights in some sections. Wind rushes through the corridors... was that someone moaning? Why are there chains hanging from the ceiling? Is someone there...? Help! You'll be glad you took your lightsaber with you as you explore this creepy place. Better hope you don't dream about it!


Here's what Cye had to say about his map when he released it on JK3Files back in 2004:




Build time : 2 or so weeks

Custom Textures : sortof

New Music : Yes

Bot Support : This is my first map cut me some slack punk :P


Installation : Simply extract the ffa_nowhere.pk3 file into your JA/GAMEDATA/BASE folder or click and drag it to the folder specified.


Map info : As said above this is my first map ever, I came up with the idea during playing a game of Jedi Outcast with a few people online and felt that most of the custom maps for the game were all going by the same types of themes so I decided to create something a little new. I created the idea of a creepy or Silent Hill themed map so to speak that night and made the blueprints the next day. But since being my lazy self I never actually made it until JA came out so the idea aswell as the blueprints stuck in my mind for a year or so. It took me less than a week to read up on some great Radiant tutorials and in the same week I started up on FFA_nowhere, so this map was also my tool to learning how to do this and that. And although this map is not perfect considering I had limited resources "texture wise" and other things, it has become bigger and better than my original idea for the map.





Rich Diesals mapping university, the only place I got my mapping tutorials. http://richdiesal.jedioutcastmaps.com/tutorials/ explained a hellofa lot to me and I cant thank the dude enough.


Also special thanks goes out to Raven for the great game that is JA and JediOutcast, and also Id and EA games for their great textures.


Textures by RAVEN: Jedi Academy,

Id software: Return to castle Wolfenstein, and EA Games: Medal of Honor AA.




It was reviewed by the JK3Files staff, too:




What a 'nice' idea for a map and with the sound effects too, nicely done!


When I first got in the haunting noises were superb, the room was plain but the fact it sounded like a true horror game seriously added to the atmosphere; thank god I have control of my bladder! The next room I went to was an outdoor area, a half destroyed room where it was raining and it felt good; by that I mean it felt like it should, run down house broke apart by age and weather.


The main bulk of the house is corridors (those are quite large corridors btw) which are very dark and damp with the occasional flickering light (nice touch). The bordered up windows and doors along with the various broken object and sharp corners really do give it that horror feel which helps you forget about the fact that in decor this house is somewhat lacking.


There was one place that really was cool, I won't go into it fully but put it this way...just because it seems like it's a corridor that you can walk down does not mean you can walk down it....falling however is a much faster method. Oh and if you're scared of small spaces avoid this place! Solidary confinement is not a nice place.


I suppose I should now point out it is infact more of an asylum and if walking past those torn down doors on cells don't freak you out...you're on a par with George Bush for reaction and intelligence!


One think that puts me off this map is the fact teleporters move you from place to place through doorways which I don't think there was need for.


New Sounds: Yes (+Music)

New Textures: Yes

Bot Support: No



Good Halloween map.


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I downloaded it several years ago, and gee this is so creepy! Sounds and light effects are very well done, some times I had goose bumps. So insane, so unhealthy, so dark... this is awesome!

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