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The next saber style

Makashi, Staff Djem So, Duals Jar'Kai Niman  

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  1. 1. Which style would you like to see?

    • Makashi
    • Staff Djem So
    • Duals Jar'Kai Niman

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I'm kind of itching to make a saber style. I was planning on waiting till I got XSI figured out, but I'll need a new computer and an internet connection before I can seriously consider that. In the meantime I'll be in Dragon.

So which style would you all like to see?

I have ideas for Makashi (form II), a staff version of Djem So (form V), and a Dual's version of Niman (form VI).




My inspiration for Makashi is Polish saber. I know a bit about saber fighting so I'll be using myself as reference.

Some vids:















I have a basic style thought out and some ideas for an advanced style. The advanced style would incorporate attacks in the transitions and some counter attacks after blocks. That would give the players incentive to stay in close when fighting. Until we get the process figured out on how to add saber styles I will replace Tavion or Dessan's style.


Staff Djem So


The main idea behind this style is to look like something Exar Kun would use. This would be a single handed staff style utilizing very broad movements. It is going to be pretty basic and the attacks are going to be focused more in front, but the nature of the staff makes it cover a large area.


These pics are WIP and I'm happy to take suggestions.






Jar'Kai Niman


I wanted to make a less flashy dual saber style. This could go one of two ways. One, would be having both sabers attack along the same line and using both sabers to block the sides. The other is a one saber attacks and the other covers the exposed side. I'd also throw counter attacks into the defense. That would look a bit funny when defending against blasters.






I wanted to make this one before but lost interest in animating at the time. I could make this one work with JO models as well if people want. That means the left hand may have to move in unrealistic ways since there is no left hand tags on JO models.


These styles would all work better without spins in the transitions. Until we get new styles added to the game I'll have to use spins wherever they are used in the styles I replace.


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These would be pretty cool. My only tiny complaint is that these styles are for sword fighting as we know it, and Star Wars lightsaber duels are quite a bit different. I might be alone here, but I have never thought this kind of sword fighting looked as cool as it does in the Star Wars movies. It feels like it's just mostly for show and skill, whereas in Star Wars, it was to defend/kill. 


I'm no fencer or sword fighter, but that's my opinion. :P

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Opinions are welcome.

Though your last statement is confusing to me:

"It (real sword styles) feels like it's just mostly for show and skill, whereas in Star Wars, it was to defend/kill." - Circa

That is actually 100% backwards to me. Real sword fighting is about surviving and killing where Star Wars is flash and excitement.

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Well, i think that: for define the particular of the new stylies for more official realistic combat, yu can remember thr words of Kreia when in Kotor 2 teaching to Exule the seven styles.

1- Shii Cho: simple tecnicque, a style when repair when the other fails. (i think luke use the Shiicho: not acrobatic style, stab and swing directly, penetracting, is the style 2 of JA)

2 - Soresu: a defens tecnique, useful against enemy with a blaster, unuseful for enemy with saber (example: luke to endor: deflecting shoots of swoop biker) in JA is the style 1 with two hands.

3: Makashi: aggressive tecnique. unuseful against blaster, useful for saber combat, is a swordmastering style. pretty elegant, pretty powerful. (Jedi academy style 3.)

4: Shien: is a defense tecnique of Soresu, not much useful against siths, but can used for contrast the blaster of an entire troops. really fast movement, is something like the tavion stile. maybe yu can put something of the shien style on the tavion style 5, or maybe in the style 1. is the evolution of soresu, after all. 

5: ataru is an aggressive tecnique, is useful against a single strong enemy, is the style of Qui Gon in the Phantom Menace. is not good for long combat because is tiring to use for more times. (that's explain why at the end darth maul defeated qui gon,m and qui gon was a jedi consol, the consols are not warriors like guardians, their resistance in combat are limitated.)

6: Niman is a balanced style with not weak or strong points. at the end of Kotor 2 i use pratically ever the niman, except for the Sith Lord, when i switch into the Makashi. Ataru i use for big creatures like the storm beast of malachot V.  Shiicho is good against a group of enemy with vibroblades, not jedi enemies.

I hope that's suggestion shoul be useful.

I 'd really like to see the shien style, is very spectafcular with the massive blaster deflecting, i think yu can implement something like that into the style 1 or the style 5.

Well, but the tation style so is the Djem So. interessing i am ever asked what styles was it. And the Desann style, you know the name?

O.o (realluy i love Desann style, is powerful as style 3, but is not so carent in defense, is fast and powerful very amazing style..)

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Well I wouldn't make one for JO. Once OJK is up it will allow us to use JA to run JO. So that's something to look forward to.


Does that mean that you can run all the enhances/changes (graphical, gameplay, map possibilities etc) on JO? And can you for example have Jedi Outcast servers using OJK stuff and also have servers running baseJO?

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2 hours ago, davidortilla said:

this pose is great. can you send it to me?

Don't hold your breath. Not only has katanamaru not been active here since April 2021, but this topic is almost 10 years old.

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I'm back... kind of. The recent youtube video of JK:Enhanced was awesome. 


However I'm super rusty and I'd have to hope my old laptop still works. The hard drive I backed everything up to died a few years ago. 

I do have my notes written down so I could potentially get Dragon up and running again. I'll see what I can find. 

@davidortillaDo you want the dragon data save or it finished and ready for game? And for which stance? 

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