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  1. 501st Legion Pack

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    I do have some other legions in the works, I think I am planning on doing the 212th next. I would love to do some Phase 1 clones if a new bucket ever gets out, but I don't know when that will be. As far as animations go, I think the main one I use is BOTH_DROPWEAPON or something like that. I kind of use a cosmetic trick, in that I use lightsaber files with different animations and models to create the illusion of characters having a different stance.


  2. 501st Legion Pack

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    This is awesome! Small question, will you be making a phase 1 variant ( with a new helmet model, yet same body ) and/or other legions? Also, what animations have you got on there?

  3. Jedi Temple

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    Man we need this with the MB2 graphics, I tried the new Temple map from MB2 itself and because it's made for a mission with cutscenes, most doors don't open without them and it's missing alot of rooms.

  4. Light Corvette

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    Will you make a big area of open space outside it and a small hangar for the small version you use to fly ( I don't know if you get what I mean, but basically a flyable version of this ship, maybe replacing the z95 ) 

  5. Hello, I'm having trouble with this Baton, I'm not sure if it's because I have ultimate weapons on or because of my stance mod or anything I'm not sure. I'm using UltimateWeapons for my blasters and Clone Wars Stances and Effects for my stances. Can you please help me come up with a solution as to why this happens?

  6. Do you have some other animation mod on your base folder? The reason they're not playing is because the game isn't recognizing the new animations (could be overwritten by other files).

    Do you mean as in a Stance mod or something? I'll have it overwrite my KOTOR stances to test it but I don't know if it's what you mean.

  7. Deathtrooper

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    I don't seem to get any errors, but when I shoot it with a blaster or hit with a lightsaber it crashes, most likely because of all my other enhancement mods. Could you try a less detailed one, it's probably because of the high resolution and shaders on it. Other than that, awesome model!

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