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  1. Download is broken,please fix it.
  2. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR SOMEONE TO JUST COME HERE AND TELL ME AND ALL OTHERS THAT HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM HOW TO FIX IT. I CLEARLY TYPED THAT I WOULD VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IF SOMEONE WOULD TELL ME WHERE IS SV_SPAWNSERVER. FROM THERE I CAN DO EVERYTHING ON MY OWN. Thank you very much for reading my rage. I am very sorry but on all other forums they just tell you to either use OpenJK or else and even those who do know how to fix this problem refuse to talk. If you ban me for this, fine. If you think i am crazy,fine. If you kill me,fine. But before you do any of that tell me how to fix this. Yours truly Landbuilder.
  3. Why would you make sith faces not customizable..................
  4. OK i found the solution! Too many sp customization screens cause this. I experimented and this was the only cause i could determine.
  5. OK I FOUND THE SOLUTION. Too many sp customization screens can cause this. Dont know why but i experimented a little bit and this turned out to be the problem.
  6. Single player.BTW sorry i didn't know how notifications work on JK hub. My apologies.
  7. OK, so whenever i try to taunt,gloat,flourish,etc. instead of the character using his appropriate voice,it just uses Kyle's taunt. I do have mods,but none that would change sound commands. The only one that does affect the sound is the original trilogy lightsaber sounds. Please help, i just wanna taunt. Thanks in advance!
  8. Whenever i taunt in game instead of the character saying their lines,it uses voice of Kyle.I maybe have a couple of mods installed,about 20...I know, but if you know the problem,or even better how to fix it,please tell me. Thanks in advance.
  9. Nope, does not work in SP. Still looks amazing.
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