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  1. Someone better make me a Bossk.
  2. Hey, just wanted to mention that if you need to record stuff you can use OBS for free and it won't add a text logo overlay and will probably result in higher quality recordings than bandicam will.
  3. Kinda wondering if an unofficial patch/mod for JKA would be a good idea, I feel like there's enough small little things like this to probably justify making one at some point that just throws it all together for newbies. A lot of projects like that end up dying though so I'm not sure its worth the effort.
  4. That's unfortunate, guess there'll always be dicks wherever there are vulnerabilities. I think the rancor bit is a bit funny at least, had some good times having everyone team up to kill rancors on pc, but yeah screwing with your game is unfortunate.
  5. Personally, I wouldn't recommend depriving yourself of the fun experience of beating the game the way it was designed to be, but if you insist you could do a couple of things to make Desaan a wimp. The most straight forward to what you're asking is to edit his npc file. You can find a tutorial about how to do this here (note might vary slighty as this is for JKA not Outcast, but its basically the same format): Note, that you probably want to make a seperate pk3 to store the modified Desaan .npc in, so as to not overwrite the original gamefiles permanently. The easiest way to make him a scrub is change his health value to 1hp, but have fun trying out all the new stuff. You could change his class, or lower his accuracy, aggression, etc. Keep in mind doing this will probably mess up your save file, so don't mod until you have a backup save.
  6. I'm not much a fan of the code bracket coloring, it's very hard to read. #define MOO COW //Consider the following: void SomeFunc(int x) { if("COW" == MOO) return; else SomeFunc(x); } The blue and purples have a pretty bad contrast. If the colors were lightened a bit it'd be a lot better, it looks like these were designed for light theme not dark. (My favorite dark theme color code is probably vscode's default if you need some inspiration).
  7. I know Discord integration was kinda popular on this poll, and now that JKHub 2.0 is basically here, I thought I'd mention that WidgetBot is a thing that exists. I use it for JKG's announcement feed, but it can do a lot more (such as an iframe with a the integrated Discord inside of it). Not necessarily sure such a thing is necessary/fits, but just wanted to let you know that that's an option that is free (though they do have a patreon that let's you get early access to the next version and do more customization etc).
  8. Just to be clear, I totally think it's fine to use clip brushes when you have some sort of object/thing that physically appears to block the way. For example, in the poorly drawn map below, you have some spikey rocks that are covered by a clip brush preventing the player from actually moving past them. But yeah Buoy's should work great with the fish, I was thinking something like this, but that works too. Heck even map edges like water that just plummets off the edge of a flat earth might also be interesting. Like this.
  9. What I would suggest when it comes to map borders, if it isn't too much work (granted that clips are way easier and less time consuming), is creating natural borders that fit within the map itself to prevent you from going further. There's a couple of things you could do with an island map. Consider some examples: a strong current in the water that pulls players who go too far out into a whirlpool which kills them, piranhas that kill people (an area full of fish that do more and more damage if you don't leave it), jagged rocks that are too steep to navigate, trees/buildings/kelp that block the path, etc. It's fine to use the clips, so long as you justify not being able to move past it with something physical/real. One of my map pet peeves is invisible walls.
  10. I've never noticed this before, this looks super cool. Commenting so I remember to try it.
  11. Some people just don't appreciate comedy. Maybe it'll get some more love it if I update it so that Rosh has no original lines left, but I gotta finish the next version of JKG first.
  12. Was wondering if anyone was interested in adding new tutorials to this guide? Especially for the missing ones (such as the whole Level Distribution section). I could maybe write something, but I'm not much of a mapper so you'd all probably get a bunch of MS Paint pictures to explain the concept. (Will the real mappers please stand up, please stand up?)
  13. Excellent start to this map, the layout looks great and I'm excited to see what the finished textures and lighting will look like when you're through. Also, guess you got started for the Summer contest early with that horizon blend map eh?
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