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  1. @HUM-3154 Awesome models! Especially the Baby Yoda one! ? Is it possible to have the Baby Yoda model without Yoda's acrobatic animations? With just the regular ones? Thanks! ?
  2. Anyone working on an Ahsoka live-action model? :)
  3. Hey, Jeff! One more tiny request: I was wondering if you could make models for these 2 SW comics characters? Garro (newer SW comics) and Tol Skorr (Dark Jedi from the Republic series)? I'd appreciate it! Thank you, in any case! ? Cheers! P.S. Thank you for the CW Boba saber fix, you rock! ? Garro: Tol Skorr:
  4. Tompa made a Ben Solo Jedi model, you can find it there on his WIP Mega link: https://mega.nz/folder/kItFQKhY#rnk3XDGCplJUR4iNOJQeeQ
  5. Thank you for answering! 1. If you catch the time to fix it, could you then reupload it? Thanks ? 2. Adding tags is a thing you do with Blender or? Cause I've never used that program. If you have a link with a tutorial or something, I'd appreciate it! Cause there are a lot of Mandalorian skins/models on which I'd like to use the jetpack with all the effects! 3. Really? That would be beyond awesome! ? If you get the time, I would be INFINITELY thankful if you made CW cel shaded models of Sha'a Gi or/and Anakin (season 2) from the 2003 CW show. ? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hey Jeff! Amazing work on Jacen/Caedus and Kueller, EU also needed some love. ? I have a few questions: 1. When using your CW Boba model, the lightsaber is invisible. Is there a fix for that? Can you provide it? Thanks! 2. Is there a way to make characters actually have the flames coming out from the jetpack with the playermodel boba_fett trick? I can activate the jetpack but there are no flames or anything. 3. Any plans on making cel shaded models, like the CW models Psyk0Sith made? Any help is appreciated. ? Thanks!
  7. This looks amazing! ? Any plans on releasing/sharing this and the redeemed Anakin skin? ?
  8. Anyone working on a Siege of Mandalore Ahsoka mod? ?
  9. Hey there! I was wondering if anyone could make a Second Sister/Trilla Suduri model? ? With or without a helmet.. Or both, if someone feels like it. ? Is there a Second Sister model being worked on in the community at all? Thank you in advance!
  10. Hey, Jeff! Quick question: any plans on working on a Trilla Suduri/Second Sister model? Cheers! ?
  11. Cheers, Jeff! Any chance you'll be making an Anakin Solo model? ?
  12. Jeff, amazing work as always! Especially the Darth Bane model! His mask reminded me of Kueller from the EU, so my question/wish is: Could you maybe make a Kueller model? ? Thanks in advance, man!
  13. Also, is there a possibility of making Guri from Shadows of the Empire? Here's another pic
  14. Jeff, I love your Xizor model, but is there a possibility of you updating it soon (mostly the face)? Thanks! ?
  15. Hey there, Jeff! Great work! Could you please send a link for Dryden Vos' blades? I'd appreciate it! Thank you in advance! ?
  16. When I put this mod in the base folder and when I start the game, the game freezes then crashes on start. :/ Too bad. Any idea why?
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