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  1. noClashFlare, NoWallMarks, BounceOnWalls, are zero. This is intended. On the other hand, i forget onInWtaer and may be NoldleEffect. Indeed. As i said, i don't think that comes from shader finally. It seems ja+ sword like bride katana haven't any problem without shaders... but i'll try. Thank you.
  2. Here we go https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B89sWiL71Bh3R2UyOTRTdWlQblE/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Yes, they are. no problem with recognition. :/ And actually, each opposite side has the same path... I wondered if it is due to that there is only one picture for both sides but i saw ja+ sword we called "jpsg10" has the same thing without problem.
  4. Absolutely no problem with modview. The issue remains only in game with light. Someone told me this is due to quake3 engine... but we don't really know.
  5. Version 1.0


    The gunblade blazefire is the main Lightning's saber in Final Fantasy XIII.
  6. Nothing change in this case. Only one side would be lighted again.
  7. Thank you, but that didn't work. I have the feeling it doesn't come from .shader actually. I saw ja+ katanas don't have the issue even if it hasn't .shader. Well, may be i will know a next day how to fixe that...
  8. The new saber i'm doing has some light problem. One side is lighted while the other isn't like this : edit - it is always the same sides, despite of lights. Moreover I don't really know how to do shaders actually. I tried anything with a white image, just for beginning and testing. Then someone suggested me a new code but the issue does remain. There is still only one side lighted... here is the last code i tried :
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