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  1. My bad, I meant that I suspect shaders or effects are at fault. I also added the correction to the OP. I don't have any other blood mod installed. Here is a scrrenshot with all the problems: I cut down a stormtrooper at the other side of the corner. As you can see, the blood covering the sword is visible through my torso and head. The splattered blood over the corner is visible through the wall, as well as the bloody carvings on the stormtrooper's body, though those might be a bit hard to notice on this particular screenshot. Take note that the blood picture files in gfx/blood are badly
  2. Hello, JkHub You might know about the mod called Advent Children Buster Sword Replacement, which can be found on this site under the following link: https://jkhub.org/files/file/922-advent-children-buster-sword-replacement/. Though I intended the sword to be only a placeholder in my own little project, I decided that I really like the blood effects it generates. There's only a small problem: all the visual effects generated by the sword, the blood particles leaving the struck body, the puddles they leave on the floor, the cut marks left on the body, and the blood that covers the sword, all a
  3. Hát minden tiszteletem amiért belefektettétek az időt az elkészítésébe, de akkor is nagyon szar.
  4. Ok sorry for the confusing post. here's what I've tried so far: Zsomething.pk3 Z_something.pk3 Asomething.pk3 A_something.pk3 Zsomething.shader Z_something.shader Asomething.shader A_something.shader And pretty much all combinations of these pk3 and shader names.
  5. No. If it doesn't matter, then it's not needed. If it does matter, J still comes after A, and I have no other addons that could conflict. I tried that, also, multiple a's, multiple a's with underscore before the real filename....
  6. Hmmm the pk3 is called Jk2MPMapPack.pk3, but I'll try putting a Z in front of it. And the shader file too, just to make sure. ... Nope, that didn't work. Just to make it clear. I have the Jk2MPMapPack.pk3, inside it the shaders folder, inside that the Jk2MPMapPack.shader file, which contains the JK2 definition of the kejim/alpha shader, which is in conflict with the same shader's different definition in JKA's imperial.shader file. JKA has no reason to have that shader, because the kejim/alpha texture doesn't even exist in JKA, I had to port it from JK2. My goal is to make the Jk2MPMapPack.
  7. Hello. Before I start, let me point out that I don't know anything about shadering. I do my stuff by observing, reverse-engineering, and copy-pasting, without actually understanding what I'm doing. So I'm sorry if the following question is stupid. I'm trying to make a pack of ported JK2 multiplayer maps to Jedi Academy. I'm about 70% done, however, one of the bugs that I've noticed, and what I'm trying to fix, is caused by JKA itself. The map FFA_Deathstar from JK2 uses a texture: kejim/alpha. JKA does not have this texture, but it has a a shader defined for it in JKA's imperial.shader file:
  8. So there's no way to add these modes to vanilla? Too bad. Thanks for the explaination anyway.
  9. Holocron FFA, Jedi Master, and CTY, these gamemodes were in JK2 but for some stupid reason, they were cut from JKA. Is there a way to restore them? So far I've found the following: -The gametype ID of Holocron FFA is supposedly 2, but when I started a multiplayer map that I ported from JK2 and forced /g_gametype 2 on it, It was plain FFA...However, with g_gametype 1, holocrons were spawning on the floor, they could be picked up, they said "Obtained Force X", and after the third, I began dropping the oldest ones as normal. However, they did not in fact grant me any force powers, or orbit me
  10. I'm talking about the attributes defined by the "class" key in a .npc file. In our current situation, when we make a custom NPC, we have to choose a class that already exist in the game to define its basic behaviour, as well as some attributes, such as resistance to certain types of damage. A few of examples for attributes that aren't strictly related to an NPC's AI: Desann and Boba Fett have thrown lightsabers bounce off them harmlesly, Hazardtroopers thrive in lava and acid and blasters bounce off their armor. Desann class always knocking down humanoids when jumping on their heads... the lis
  11. It looks nice, however, there is a very serious problem with it that is a reason enough for me not to use it. The edges where the different sides of the skybox meet are very much visible, ruining the illusion of limitless sky. If you can fix it, it will be perfect. It would be nice if you also included level shots with the green sky for t2_wedge and the official bonus multiplayer map that is placed on Kril'Dor. Edit: on second thought, I think I liked the color of the first version more. This one is just a bit too dark, but that's just my personal oppinion. The pattern of this second version
  12. When I wrote my sort-of review for this mod, I praised most of its content, however, I also voiced my dislike towards Force Repulse, and suggested that it should be replaced with something more usefull, and less derpy-looking. At that time I had no idea for the replacement, but now I have. By the way, is this mod dead? I hope it isn't. There's too much potential in it. Force Suppression http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Force_suppression The icon used for Force Suppression in KotOR. In JKA we should have something similar on a Holocron. Summary: Force Suppression is an ability that appears b
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