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  1. Be good to get aload of people playing it, I'll try keep server up as much as possible
  2. Ok sorted now my port forwarding wasnt right its on server list
  3. I've only got it running when my pc is on, I'm up now its on powerduel Server ip
    thanks for the files, after sometime, I've managed to start up a server, look for MODWOOTY 4 EVA
  4. modwooty server is up

  5. Hi I'm new here, recently decided to install JKA after many years, to discover ModWooty is gone?! So I've stumbled across the old files and started up a basic server, using the sample provided by Bubba. If anyone could come search for the server on "Power Duel" under the name that's something along the lines of "MODWOOTY 4 EVA" and even let me know that it is on active list of servers, or better yet come play and lets enjoy this great mod, once again
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