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  1. That is a TERRIFYING idea! No I don't think I'll be doing that. In fact I think I'll be retiring after I finish this. This temple has ended up being a lot more work than I ever anticipated and I don't think I ever want to do this to myself again.
  2. Decided to take a quick break from modeling and make the generic/multi-purpose room which will serve as the base for several rooms in the temple such as barracks, holding cells, offices, etc.
  3. UPDATE TIME! Work has been progressing much better since moving to a more focused, modular building approach! AND I HAVE SCREENSHOTS! So these are the "Sith Master's Office" and ONE of the "Sith Barracks" rooms!. Churning out MD3s that are similar enough to SWTOR to maintain the overall aesthetic feel is still a huge pain in the ass, but it's coming along.
  4. I'm well aware. The hosting site that they were on is gone. BUT....I HAVE GOOD NEWS! I got another! But I won't be reposting old outdated screens.
  5. Yeah actually! Work on the project has been slow. (It's really hard doing all this by myself!) and I've had a few setbacks. Every time I've tried to start this project, I hit a wall trying to fit everything into the overall design I set out to build. So I'm taking a completely different and modular approach, building individual rooms separately that I can combine into a single map later. This should allow me to stay focused on designing, building, and decorating things one room at a time so I don't get completely overwhelmed. I'll save the "great hall" for later once I have built all the rooms
  6. This is precisely why I've been leaning against the idea. With as large as I am hoping to make this, it's better to avoid such things.
  7. Yes actually! After a nice long vacation to recharge my batteries, I'm back on the job! It's easy to burn out on a project this big. I wish I could get it done faster, but I'm only one woman, and there is A LOT to do! The temple apex is nearly done, but I just hit a creative block designing a fitting Sith Alchemy altar model, so I took time off so I could look at it with fresh eyes later, and honestly, it's one model, so it can wait while I work on the rest of the temple. Also if you're curious why I'm talking about an alter for the apex, that's because I realized the apex is too small a r
  8. First look at the progress on my new redesigned Sith Temple. As some of you might know, my previous work on this project was completely lost, forcing me to start over from scratch. I took the opportunity to redesign the temple more efficiently and approach the build armed with the experiences of the previous attempt, allowing me to avoid some of the pitfalls that held up development, and generally do things better. One major difference is I decided to start from the top. Previously I started at the bottom and by the time I got to the top, I was struggling to come up with a layout that was as g
  9. So I have an md3 model of a light. But the problem is, even using a light image, the model seems to emit light in every direction. This is not what I want. I want the light to only come from the faces containing the "light" part of the shader. I this possible?
  10. Both of these techniques work! Thank you both!!!
  11. after modeling and uv-mapping, I typically merge verts unless I have a specific reason not to. Then I convert the quads to triangles. I export as a wavefront obj, then import into blender, where I set up the md3shader and export the md3. For the model in these screenshots, I went back in and tried selecting and sharpening the edges where needed (most of the model frankly). However I was doubtful that this would affect the final md3, and I was right. It didn't help. The model in question is this approximation of the door-frames in SWTOR (I've since come to question making them so simila
  12. I still remember my first foray into mod creation. I was feeling festive one Christmas Eve back in the late 90s and made a Santa skin for Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. Later I made Jedi Knight skins of myself and my friend as Jedi Knights. I never released any of them though. When I learned that Jedi Outcast would launch with modding tools being released, I was determined to learn mapping. I was so excited about it that I had a dream that I was a Jedi running around this imperial-like base. Once I had learned how to map well enough, I created the place from my dream and released it on jk2fil
  13. So I have been making models in Lightwave and sending them to blender for md3 export, since nobody makes md3 exporters for newer versions of LW3D. The problem I run into is that the shading on the models while testing the map looks weird, similar to how they tend to look in blender without the proper smoothing/sharpened edges. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Would simply unwelding the verticies at sharp edges help, or is there something I'm missing?
  14. As I lay here pondering how to solve the latest challenge in my endeavor to build the largest Sith Temple map ever released, I can't help marveling at the fact that it's been 14 years since JA was released and we're still going. I can't explain why I still have such a passion for creating mods for this game. Sure there has never been another SW game quite like the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight franchise, but is it more than that? Even though it is so limited in what we can realistically do, we never seem to stop trying to push this engine and its tools to their absolute limits in the quest to create
  15. After all these years, it still blows my mind how many downloads this pack has gotten! I'm really happy so many people like it!
  16. I am very happy to announce that work is finally underway on the redesigned Sith Temple! And here is the initial concept drawing! (please note, many details were not included in the drawing because it is largely for my own use as a reference)
  17. I'm not going to use the screen shots. I'm going completely back to the drawing board. Literally. I'm redesigning the entire thing from scratch in a way that lets me do everything I want to do without any guess work later when I'm building it. That also includes changes to the layout. Last time, I tried to lean more towards heavy homage to the academy in SWTOR, and while I'd like to be reminiscent of that aesthetic, it was way to limiting. I still want this thing to be massive, and include all the features I intended, but I'm going to lay it out in a way that makes sense for MY goals with the
  18. Thanks! This will give me a head start on my assets. I've decided to learn blender to streamline my MD3 creation workflow.
  19. I do intend to create a Dark Council chamber. Perhaps not identical to the one in SWTOR, but inspired by it. So yes that would be immensely helpful!
  20. I appreciate that. While I hope this doesn't take as long, the PK Training Academy map took me 9 years to finish. Mostly cause I kept hitting a wall with it and walking away until I could look at it with fresh eyes. Ultimately I ended up redesigning the whole layout, keeping only a couple rooms from the earlier work. And that last redesign only took about a month to finish. The end result was much larger and more attractive than the other attempts. I want to say that my hopes for this redesign are equally as ambitious. I was running into loads of technical and design difficulties with the pr
  21. It is with great sadness that I must report that due to a careless mistake while managing my files, my ENTIRE Sith Temple project and all it's assets were completely wiped out. I know many of you were looking forward to this map. I'm deeply sorry for this disappointment. I myself am personally crushed. However, I am dedicated to completing and releasing a map worthy of your patience. Since I have to start from scratch, I'm going back to the drawing board (literally) and will redesign the entire thing in a way that will streamline the development while making it every bit as impressive as a S
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