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  1. Yeah, it would be nice to see Grievous kick some serious ass in TCW.
  2. As a fan of KOTF 2.1, I request permission to suggest this to the Knights of the Force 2.1 modding team.
  3. The Anakin mod has a "realistic head" option that uses his Episode III head.
  4. You're not a [EXPLETIVE DELETED] idiot.
  5. There was also a Coruscant map in the original KOTF that's not in this one.
  6. There's a currently locked section on the menu called "Archives", and I wanted to know its purpose.
  7. What NPC codes are there for the vehicles? Because I just want to spawn an A-Wing where ever.
  8. So a reupload just to show some new pictures?
  9. Never mind. It was deleted when Movie Battles was uninstalled. Anyway, I reinstalled everything, and I'm back where I started with the crashing. So, there's only KOTF, but I have the save glitch. So which dll files do I take out?
  10. Apparently, after uninstalling Movie Battles II, I can't run KOTF, because SDL2.dll was not found.
  11. Guys, I can't even load a mission before I crash, because it apparently can't create a save file. Does anyone have similar problems?
  12. Yeah, I remember sucking so hard on original KOTF when it came to single-player vehicles. Nowadays, I ask younger-me "Sam, why do you suck so hard in this clearly balanced game" and laugh my ass off at my ten-year old incompetence.
  13. Okay, just thought I'd ask. Because I want to create epic battles with the NPC Load/Add System tonight.
  14. I know that KOTF will be released tomorrow, but in single-player, can we spawn custom vehicles like A-Wings and Jedi Starfighters?
  15. Uh, how do I select a response?
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