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  1. what happend to the update?
  2. i have no idea how to do that
  3. cant seem to get it to work, i changed the health but it was in normal notepad. it wont open inside notepad++
  4. but i cant make it work on the kotf npcs, the tool only find the npc files from the base game.
  5. so do i put the program in the kotf folder?
  6. yes, something like that. does it work on the mod?
  7. Could it be possible to have a system where you can decide how much health a spawned npc could have? this would be nice tool to drag out lightsaberbattles in singleplayer.
  8. ahh, now i understand. thank you. i typed .mp3 everytime might have something to do with it.
  9. when i typed in the music command i could only activate the soundteracks from the base game commands. But i have to type music twice when i use the command?
  10. nevermind, found it. but it cant activate them all
  11. Thank you for quick reply would this work with the music files you put in the mod? and do you have a list of those files? many of the music files in the mod is not in the main game.
  12. I have noticed that often Npc`s who are on the same side will kill each other. Say i am palpatine with 2 lightsabers and i want to fight 20 jedis at the same time, when they are trying to take me down, half of them will be killed by their own team. Can this be fixed or is it a problem with the base game? Was also wondering if there is a way to pick music freely in loaded maps? say i wanna have duel of the fates played on any map.
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