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Level 16: Sariss

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Wanted to start this topic just to let everyone know that I am in fact working on this. I have most of the basic brushwork done--next I'll put together the small section of ship that crashed at one end of the map. Is that the Sulon Star? Ironically, I don't remember much of the original game's plot...


I'll be sure to post a few screenshots once I have a working prototype.


And while I'm here, I might as well ask--the interior of that crashed ship, in the original game, is very empty and boring-looking, and the surfaces have all kinds of weird angles going on. Do you, @@DT85, want to keep it like this, or should I clean up some of the geometry and add a few details to flesh it out?


P.S. I think the level number is 16--correct the topic title if I'm wrong.

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Clean it up and flesh it out. We don't have any cinematics in aware of to use, so do what you think is good.


Is the sulon star an imperial ship with an interior like a star destroyer?


There is one cinematic depicting the area, at the end of level 15, where the Moldy Crow crashes. Apparently it's night time during the cutscene, or at least very dark, and the Sulon Star can be seen in the distance, still burning.


As for the interior, it doesn't really look Imperial to me, at least in-game. It was never cleared what type of cargo ship that is, or the manufacturer, but it seems to me like a civilian freighter converted for military use by Jerec's men. The architecture and overall look differs from the Imperial military style seen in later levels.

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So it is indeed the Sulon Star lying in the canyon in this level--not the Moldy Crow or something else? If it's a cargo ship, I will maybe add some smashed/intact crates, and decide which surfaces are the floor/walls/ceiling, and add details accordingly.

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Here are some screenshots of the basic brushwork, just to prove I've made some progress. My main goal has been getting the basic layout down; with that complete, I'm now moving on to adding details (as you can see in the broken ceiling of the ship). 


The textures are just placeholders, for the sake of development. The lighting is also temporary. When the brushwork is complete, we can remove all those placeholders and caulk everything, to make way for rend2 materials later.










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Sadly, it seems my first WIP shots were lost to the commercial interests of Photobucket. Oh well--new WIP shots are finally here!

-Enhanced most of the map's terrain to look more organic than the original

-Added detail inside the ship


Part of the detail I added in the ship is a pile of crates that toppled when the ship crashed in the canyon. I think this makes sense, given that it was a cargo ship, but on the other hand, the crates are obstacles that weren't present in the original game. Let me know if you think they should stay.


Also, I obviously haven't worried much about fixing the phong shading, since the textures/shaders will be changed anyway.




By the way, is there a reason I can't use img tags? When I try, it says "you are not allowed to use that image extension on this community."

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Looking good. Glad to see some progress.


You should make a gl2 sun shader - we don't need the old q3map2 sun shader anymore. For how to do this, read up on the shaders post in the forum and look at my test_rend2 maps sun shader.

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I would be glad to try making the shader, but my hardware doesn't handle Rend2 very well, so I'll probably still do most of my testing in the base game, unless that's a problem. 


The new sun shader uses new syntax. Will I need a different version of q3map2 so I don't get errors during compile?

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I successfully made a functional gl2 sun shader, but when I tested it in-game, the rock walls had a very strong glossy appearance. I'm guessing this is a property of the default shader being used for textures that don't otherwise have their own shaders in a .shader file. The glossiness made it hard to see the contours of the rock walls, so I took these WIP shots in the base game instead.


-Added more detail inside ship

-Finished terrain

-Added detail on hull

-Added some twisted metal debris on the ground, to show that it's a crash site


I'm starting to run out of ideas at this point. I've added a lot of stuff that wasn't present in the original level, and I can't think of many more worthwhile details I could add. What does everyone else think? Nearly finished? Far from it? I've been working with this map for a while now, so I could use some fresh perspective.


Top 2 images:



P.S. Does anyone know why I can't use img tags?

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@@Jedi_Mediator. Map looks great. Maybe something to add.


Both inside and outside the hull wreckage, maybe add piles of flaming wreckage. Keeps the feeling more lively and adds a sense that this ship actually did just crash.


The hull structore itself, try making it less rigid. Everthing is still all nice and straight. See if you can add a few bends and twisted corners. Also with the inside of the hull, since we never fully know what section of the ship this was, theres a change to add almost anything, a med bay, storage bay, hangar etc. Obviously try to keep it semi open for the fight with Sariss but give it some additional eye pop.


As for the outside, I noticed on anothers map that is leading up to your level, they added some vegitation etc. Maybe add that. Then theres that little stream running through the center, maybe add a water fall? Waters gotta come from somewhere I suppose.

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